NASA Earth Observatory: What's New Week of 30 October 2007

Status Report From: NASA's Earth Observatory
Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2007


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  • Uncertainty and Climate Change go Hand-in-Hand
  • Agricultural Soil Erosion not Adding to Global Warming
  • "Breathable" Atmosphere Originated Half a Billion Years Ago
  • Study Reveals Lakes a Major Source of Prehistoric Methane
  • Massive California Fires Consistent With Climate Change
  • Decline in Uptake of Carbon Emissions Confirmed

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • In New England, Concern Grows for Sugar Maple
  • Warming Revives Flora and Fauna in Greenland
  • Warmer Temperatures Tied to Wildfires
  • Global Warming's Long-Term Effect Uncertain
  • Ancient Cataclysm Rearranged Pacific Map
  • Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Increasing
  • Drought Can Destroy Biodiversity

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