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Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2007

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  1. Soller BR, Yang Y, Soyemi OO, Ryan KL, Rickards CA, Walz JM, Heard SO, Convertino VA. Noninvasively determined muscle oxygen saturation is an early indicator of central hypovolemia in humans. J Appl Physiol. 2007 Nov 15; [Epub ahead of print] (PI: B.R. Soller)
  2. Ferreira LF, Reid MB. Muscle-derived ROS and thiol regulation in muscle fatigue. J Appl Physiol. 2007 Nov 15; [Epub ahead of print] (PI: M.B. Reid)
  3. You L, Temiyasathit S, Lee P, Kim CH, Tummala P, Yao W, Kingery W, Malone AM, Kwon RY, Jacobs CR. Osteocytes as mechanosensors in the inhibition of bone resorption due to mechanical loading. Bone. 2007 Sep 26; [Epub ahead of print] (PI: C.R. Jacobs)
  4. Squire M, Brazin A, Keng Y, Judex S. Baseline bone morphometry and cellular activity modulate the degree of bone loss in the appendicular skeleton during disuse. Bone. 2007 Oct 2; [Epub ahead of print] (PI: S. Judex)
  5. Wiese C, Dray E, Groesser T, San Filippo J, Shi I, Collins DW, Tsai MS, Williams GJ, Rydberg B, Sung P, Schild D. Promotion of homologous recombination and genomic stability by RAD51AP1 via RAD51 recombinase enhancement. Mol Cell. 2007 Nov 9;28(3):482-90. (PI: C. Wiese) Note: This paper and another paper in this issue were featured on the journal's cover.
  6. Carr CE, Newman DJ. Space suit bioenergetics: Framework and analysis of unsuited and suited activity. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 Nov;78(11):1013-22.
  7. Soehner AM, Kennedy KS, Monk TH. Personality correlates with sleep-wake variables. Chronobiol Int. 2007;24(5):889-903. (PI: T.H. Monk)
  8. Añez M, Putonti C, Fox GE, Fofanov Y, Willson RC. Exhaustive computational identification of pathogen sequences far-distant from background genomes: Identification and experimental verification of human-blind dengue PCR primers. J Biotechnol. 2007 Sep 16; [Epub ahead of print] (PI: G.E. Fox)
  9. Blakely EA, Chang PY. A review of ground-based heavy ion radiobiology relevant to space radiation risk assessment: Cataracts and CNS effects. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1307-19. (PI: E.A. Blakely) Note: This paper and the following 3 papers plus 8 papers in the "Other papers of interest" section comprise an issue of this journal devoted primarily to space radiation.
  10. Ballarini F, Battistoni G, Brugger M, Campanella M, Carboni M, Cerutti F, Empl A, Fassò A, Ferrari A, Gadioli E, Garzelli MV, Lantz M, Mairani A, Mostacci A, Muraro S, Ottolenghi A, Patera V, Pelliccioni M, Pinsky L, Ranft J, Roesler S, Sala PR, Scannicchio D, Smirnov G, Sommerer F, Trovati S, Villari R, Vlachoudis V, Wilson T, Zapp N. The physics of the FLUKA code: Recent developments. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1339-49. (PI: L.W. Townsend)
  11. Garzelli MV, Sala PR, Ballarini F, Battistoni G, Cerutti F, Ferrari A, Gadioli E, Ottolenghi A, Pinsky LS, Ranft J. A Monte Carlo approach to study neutron and fragment emission in heavy-ion reactions. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1350-6. (PI: L.W. Townsend)
  12. Mertens CJ, Wilson JW, Walker SA, Tweed J. Coupling of multiple Coulomb scattering with energy loss and straggling in HZETRN. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1357-67. (PI: J.W. Wilson)

Other papers of interest:

  1. Normand H, Lemarchand E, Arbeille P, Quarck G, Vaïda P, Duretete A, Denise P. Beat-to-beat agreement of noninvasive tonometric and intra-radial arterial blood pressure during microgravity and hypergravity generated by parabolic flights. Blood Press Monit. 2007 Dec;12(6):357-62. Note: Parabolic flight results.
  2. Tarasova O, Borovik A, Tsvirkoun D, Lebedev V, Steeves J, Krassioukov A. Orthostatic response in rats after hindlimb unloading: Effect of transcranial electrical stimulation. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 Nov;78(11):1023-8.
  3. Claybaugh JR, Lin YC, Schafstall HG, Bennett PB. Cardiovascular and endocrine responses to 90 degree tilt during a 35-day saturation dive to 46 and 37 ATA. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 Nov;78(11):1042-9.
  4. Guardiera S, Bock O, Pongratz H, Krause W. Isometric force production in experienced fighter pilots during +3 Gz centrifuge acceleration. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 Nov;78(11):1072-4.
  5. Myers KJ. Medical operations at Kennedy Space Center. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2007 Nov;78(11):1089. Note: This article is an overview of medical operations conducted at NASA Kennedy Space Center, including medical support to center employees, and Shuttle launch and landing support.
  6. Cui J, Mascarenhas V, Moradkhan R, Blaha C, Sinoway LI. Effects of muscle metabolites on responses of muscle sympathetic nerve activity to mechanoreceptor(s) stimulation in healthy humans. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2007 Nov 14; [Epub ahead of print]
  7. Petko JA, Millimaki BB, Canfield VA, Riley BB, Levenson R. Otoc1: A novel otoconin-90 ortholog required for otolith mineralization in zebrafish. Dev Neurobiol. 2007 Nov 13; [Epub ahead of print]
  8. Horn CC. Why is the neurobiology of nausea and vomiting so important? Appetite. 2007 Oct 11; [Epub ahead of print] Note: This journal has some interesting papers.
  9. Chen DJ, Nirodi CS. The epidermal growth factor receptor: A role in repair of radiation-induced DNA damage. Clin Cancer Res. 2007 Nov 15;13(22):6555-60.
  10. Sihver L, Mancusi D, Sato T, Niita K, Iwase H, Iwamoto Y, Matsuda N, Nakashima H, Sakamoto Y. Recent developments and benchmarking of the PHITS code. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1320-31.
  11. Cugnon J, Aoust Th, Boudard A, David JC, Pedoux S, Leray S, Yariv Y. The INCL model for spallation reactions below 10 GeV. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1332-8.
  12. Bernabeu J, Casanova I. Geant4-based radiation hazard assessment for human exploration missions. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1368-80.
  13. Scholz M, Elsässer T. Biophysical models in ion beam radiotherapy. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1381-91.
  14. Ballarini F, Alloni D, Facoetti A, Mairani A, Nano R, Ottolenghi A. Radiation risk estimation: Modelling approaches for “targeted” and “non-targeted” effects. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1392-400.
  15. Alloni D, Ballarini F, Belli M, Campa A, Esposito G, Friedland W, Liotta M, Ottolenghi A, Paretzke HG. Modeling of DNA fragmentation induced in human fibroblasts by 56Fe ions. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1401-7.
  16. Smirnova OA. Effects of low-level chronic irradiation on the radiosensitivity of mammals: Modeling studies. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1408-13.
  17. Sajdel-Sulkowska EM, Nguon K, Sulkowski ZL, Lipinski B. Potential role of oxidative stress in mediating the effect of altered gravity on the developing rat cerebellum. Adv Space Res. 2007;40(9):1414-20.
  18. Clore AM, Doore SM, Tinnirello SM. Increased levels of reactive oxygen species and expression of a cytoplasmic aconitase/iron regulatory protein 1 homolog during the early response of maize pulvini to gravistimulation. Plant Cell Environ. 2007 Nov 13; [Epub ahead of print]

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