NASA Earth Observatory: What's New Week of 11 December 2007

Status Report From: NASA's Earth Observatory
Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2007


New Features:

* Observing Volcanoes, Satellite Thinks for Itself

Satellite sensor technology automates volcanic observation, providing timely information about the eruption of Nyamuragira Volcano.

In the News:

* Latest Images:
Nyamuragira Lava Flows

* NASA News

  • Smaller Storms Drop Larger Overall Rainfall in Hurricane Season
  • NASA to Use Balloon Flotilla to Study Radiation That Affects Earth

* Media Alerts

  • Mountain Summits in the Alps Becoming Increasingly Similar
  • Ingredients for More Powerful Atlantic Hurricanes
  • New Image Mosaic Will Strengthen Global Forest Monitoring

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • Scientists to Study Drop in Turtle Population
  • 50 Years On: The Keeling Curve Legacy
  • 2007 Hurricane Season Ending Raises Forecast Concerns
  • Flying Foxes to Wilt With Climate Change
  • Mysterious Helium Leak Detected in Nevada
  • Venus Offers Earth Climate Clues
  • Japan's Cherry Trees Bloom in Fall; Warming to Blame?
  • Toxic Deep-Ocean Water Triggered "Great Dying"

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