NASA Internal Memo from Constellation Program Manager Jeffrey Hanley: Update to Constellation Program (CxP) Internal Launch Dates

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Sunday, January 20, 2008

- Original 16 January Hanley memo, PDF
- Original 18 January Hanley memo rescinding 16 January memo, PDF

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
21010 NASA Parkway
Houston, Texas 77058-3696

January 16, 2008

Reply to Attn of: ZA-08-002

TO: Distribution

FROM: ZA/Manager, Constellation Program

SUBJECT: Update to Constellation Program (CxP) Internal Launch Dates

Pursuant to recent analysis of program resource execution plans, the Program is adjusting the internal launch dates for the CxP Flight Manifest as follows:

  1. Ares 1-Y shifted 12 months from September 2012 to September 2013
  2. Orion 1 shifted 9 months from March 2013 to December 2013
  3. Orion 2 shifted 6 months from September 2013 to March 2014
  4. Orion 3 shifted 3 months from March 2014 to June 2014
  5. Orion 4 is not shifted and remains on September 2014

The Program team is directed to align resources and content consistent with this update.  Adjustment should be consistent with Program Manager Recommend for Fiscal Year 2008 (PMR08) modifications of the PMR07 Revision 1 baseline.

Address any questions regarding this directive to Mr. Charlie Stegemoeller, Director, Program Planning and Control (281-483-0576).


Jeffrey M.Hanley

See List


CB/M. S. Ivins
DA/G. W. Bull
DA/D. J. Webb
EA3/S. G. Labbe
MV/B. G. Swan
XA/L. E. Kearney
XA/G. C. Lutz
ZA/L. J. Ham
ZA/O. G. Morris
ZA/D. J. Neubek
ZA/J. L. Rhatigan
ZA/B. L. Ward
ZA2/S. M. Castillo
ZA3/B. K. Josten
ZA3/B. K. Muirhead
ZA4/KA/W. W. Mendell
ZA4/KA/C. P. McKay
ZA5/S. D. Gahring
ZB/K. P. Pollard
ZB/C. M. Stegemoller
ZC/W. H. Arceneaux
ZC/T. Rathjen

AA/M. L. Coats
AB/E. Ochoa
AC/L.V . Kranz
CA/B.W. Jett
DA/P. S. Hill
EA/S. J. Altemus
MA/N. W. Hale, Jr.
NA/Y. Y. Marshall
OA/M. T. Suffredini
SA/J. R. Davis
XA/S. C. Doering
HQ/ESMD/R. J. Gilbrech
ARC/D/S. P. Worden
ARC/T/C. J. Russo
ARC/T/E. L. Tu
DFRC/PE/J. R. Ayers
DFRC/PE/J. R. Sitz
DFRC/X/K. L. Petersen
GRC/AOOO/W. W. Whitlow, Jr.

ZD/R. E. Castle
ZD//V. S. Ellerbe
ZF/C. L. Hardcastle
ZF/C. M. Lundquist
ZF/D. A. Petri
ZG/C. I. Noriega
ZG/J. A. Williams
ZL/C. E. Dorris
ZL/L. N. Hansen
ZS/C. J. Culbert
ZS/M. J. Leonard
ZV/M. S. Geyer
ZV/M. A. Kirasich
KSC/LX/J.C. Kunz
LaRC/C1/R.R. Roe
LaRC/253/R.H. Ess
MSFC/EV/60/L. D. Thomas
MSFC/JP01/S.A. Cook
MSFC/JP01/TB. Vanhooser
MSFC/VP31/R.W. Meyer
MSFC/VP40/D.M. Schumacher

GRC/MCOO/J. A. Hamley
GRC/PTCO/T. E. Tyburski
GSFC/100.0/E. J. Weiler
GSFC/450.3/N. F. Barthelme
GSFC/450.4/R. J. Menrad
JPL/1000/C. ELachi
JPL/1900/G. M. Burdick
JPL/1900/M. J. Sander
KSC/AA/W. W. Parsons
LaRC/A/L. B. Roe
LaRC/E5/D. E. Bowles
LaRC/E502/J. R. Hill
MSFC/DA01/D. A. King
SSC/AA00/R. D. Cabana
SSC/PA10/D. P. Brannon
SSC/PA10/R. C. Bruce
WSTF/RA/F. J. Benz
WSTF/RA/M. J. Ferring

// end //

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