What Gear Does An Astronaut Bring to Climb Mt. Everest?

Status Report From: Everest OnOrbit
Posted: Saturday, March 22, 2008


In May 2008 a team of climbers will attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Among the team members will be an astronaut - who could become the first human to summit Everest and fly in space. Check in here for updates on the climb, the team, and the parallels between terrestrial and space exploration.

The summit team is composed of Scott Parazynski (astronaut), Ang Namgya, Adam Janikowski, and Ang Chhiring.

Below is the gear list Scott Parazynski prepared for his trip to Mt. Everest:

ITEM Weight (gm) Comments
Boxers (4) 345 REI and Patagonia; Polypro (76g ea.)
Long Underwear Tops (2) 703 Patagonia Capiline Base, lightweight; in blue stuff sack
Long Underwear Bottoms (2) Patagonia Capiline Base, lightweight; stowed with tops in blue stuff sack
2nd Layer, Top 293 Patagonia 100 weight powerstretch, lightweight fleece
2nd Layer, Bottom 486 REI Thermo LT Pants, Polartech Wind Pro fleece
Soft Shell Pants 533 Arcteryx Polartech Pants
3rd Layer, Top 700 Mountain H/W Fleece Jacket
3rd Layer, Top (Modified for HAHS) 650 Mountain H/W Windstopper Tech Jacket w/zips for HAHS
Insulated Pants 1107 Mountain Hardware 8000m Pants (w/black stuff sack)
Insulated Jacket/Parka 1367 TNF Baltoro Gore Dryloft Jacket w/green stuff sack
Down Suit 2100 Mountain Hardware (w/US flag, add'l patches); in green compression sack
Shell Jacket 816 TNF Summit Series Jacket (Goretex XCR)
Shell Pants 911 TNF Summit Series Pants (Goretex XCR)
Glove Liners (light) 41 Mountain H/W Power Stretch Glove
Glove Liners (heavy) 97 TNF Denali Glove (300-weight fleece); extra OR as b/u
Modular Gloves 272 Mountain H/W w/removable. Liners
Summit Day Mittens 387 Outdoor Research, Expedition Weight w/removable. liners
Backup Summit Day Mittens 408 Outdoor Research, Expedition Weight w/removable. Liners (Goretex shell)
Warm hats (2) 194 Turtle Andean Hat, Polypro helmet liner
Balaclavas (3) 176 Outdoor Research Windstopper medium weight, Psolar fleece, Patagonia
Sun hat, Ball Caps 209 OR Baseball cap w/extra sun protection; STS-120 x 2 (1 for Kami)
Neck Protection 104 Buffs (1 fleece, 1 lightweight for trekking)
Bandanas (3) 94 White, Blue, TX
Convertible Trekking Pants/Shorts 541 TNF Nylon
Change of Casual Clothes (Travel, KTM) 500 Including personal small personal hygiene kit
Mountaineering Socks (4 pairs) 557 Smartwool Mountaineering, Extra Heavy Cushion (132g ea.); red stuff sack
Sock Liners (4 pairs) 224 REI Dry One Polypro Liner Socks (44g ea.)
Foot powder 148 Small container (Gold Bond) plus Ziploc bag containment
Plastic Double Climbing Boots 3340 Everest One Sports, size 13.5 US (baseline shoes 11.5-12); 1670 gm/boot
Trekking Gaiters 192 REI "Trail Low" mild weather gaiter
Cross Training Shoes (camp use) 1165 Merrell Mesa Ventillator
Camp Booties 344 Forty Below
Trekking boots 1930 Asolo TPS 520
Trekking/ski poles 612 Leki Makalu (3 section)
Ice axe, 70 cm and wrist loop, labeled 660 70 cm Omega Pacific Mountain Lite; Neoprene insulation; guards
Crampons, semi-rigid step-in 1434 BD Sabertooth w/antiballing plates, wrench/spare screw; case
Climbing harness 380 Misty Mountain Harness w/adjustable leg loops
Helmet 509 Petzl Ecrin: modified for helmetcam
Belay device 91 Black Diamond Figure 8
Lg. Pear-shaped locking biners (2), labeled 174 Kong HMS screwgate locking biners (87g ea.)
Regular biners (5), labeled 318 Omega ovals (64g ea.)
Ascenders (2), labeled 396 Petzl (198g ea.)
Prusiks, extra cord 419 Prusiks, plus 30' 6mm cord
Shoulder-length slings (2); extra webbing 240 10' extra webbing
Climbing knife 108 With French hook
Expedition Backpack 2250 Kelty White Cloud Pack, 6500 cubic inches (rain cover inside)
Backpack Rain Cover For the Kelty White Cloud
Day Pack 1400 Gregory Z35 Pack (Yellow, Large)
Sleeping Bag #1 2500 Marmot Cwm (-40 deg bag) w/blue compression stuff sack
Sleeping Bag #2 2250 Dave Rodney's Feathered Friends -50 degree bag w/dark blue stuff sack
Sleeping Pad, Inflatable 1085 Thermarest Pro Lite 4 (1.5" thick) w/stuff sack; neck pillow in sack
Sleeping Pad, Foam 449 Thermarest Z-Lite (0.75" thick)
Neck Pillow Thermarest "Trek & Travel" U-shaped inflatable pillow (for EBC)
Thermal Mug 193 Nalgene 18oz. mug with lid; spork inside
Spork Lexan spork with French hook (inside mug)
Tupperware Bowl 127 Tupperware bowl w/lid, 1.3 liter volume; cordolette lanyard for top
2 liter Hydration System 261 Camelback reservoir; Platypus hose insulation
Water Bottles (3), w/Parkas 890 1 liter ea. (~290g ea.) ; 2 Camelback (blue, HAHS), 1 Nalgene
HAHS Accessory Kit 496 Insulation, data loggers, drink tubes
Stainless Thermos, 0.5 liter capacity 306 REI 0.5 liter thermos, blue
Pee Bottle 154 Well-labeled/taped 1.5 liter Nalgene big mouth bottle
Duffel Bag #1 (Red) 2200 Dave's North Face XXL duffel; relabeled
Duffel Bag #2 (Yellow) 2200 Dave's North Face XXL duffel; relabeled
Large Plastic Trash Bags (6) 307 Liners for duffel bags and packs
TSA approved locks for bags (3) Enables TSA to access, as req'd
Glacier glasses w/noseguard 138 Julbo, w/side shades and croakie; Beko noseguard, case
Backup glacier glasses w/noseguard 48 Julbo, w/side shades and croakie; Beko noseguard
Dark Ski Goggles 110 Julbo Cat 4 UV protection
Medium Tint Goggles 130 Bolle, orange tint
Reading Glasses 67 With protective case
Head lamp with spare bulbs (2) 342 Petzl Myo XP (prime; 3 AA's); Black Diamond Lightware (b/u; 3 AAA's)
Pelican Case 2500 Camera, Camcorder, Lenses, GPS, Helmetcam, Proprietary Li Batteries
Digital Camera Canon PowerShot G9 compact digital camera, 12.1 MP, wide angle lens
Compact, Solid State Video Camera Sony HDR CX7 camcorder with spare Li batteries
Helmet Camera Omega Scientific ATK 2K with thermal blanket & helmet mounts
GPS Unit Garmin Etrek
Extra Lithium batteries 595 8 AA for camera & GPS; 7 AAA for MP3 & Pulse Ox (copy of TSA reg)
Extra proprietary batteries (camera, CC) 830 5 for Sony HDR CC, 3 for Canon G9 digital camera
Extra memory for cameras and CC 113 Labeled SD and Sony memory sticks
Extra Helmet Camera for Adam 306 From Keith Cowing
Extra Memory Stick and SD for Adam 64
Physiowave Wavelet 302 With red dots and 3 labeled SD cards
Photo/TV tech manuals 353 Small booklets on each device
Hygiene Kit (2 ziplocks) 2250 Toothbrush/paste, comb, shampoo, razor, shaving cream, deodorant
Wet Ones Wipes (16 singles) Baby wipes
Toilet Paper For High Camps (4 rolls)
Purell Hand Sanitizer 5 small containers
Sunscreen SPF 40
Lip protection (2 containers) SPF 30
Hand/foot warmers (4 sets of each) 332 Chemical, disposable warmers (Grabber Mycoal) in OR gray stuff sack
Sleep kit 126 Quies Pure Wax ear plugs (7 pair), eye shades, deck of cards
MP3 player 48 Zen Creative, uses one Li ion AAA battery
Ecotrin/Diamox 7 day pill tray 34 One Ecotrin, two Diamox per day
Books, Sudoku
Pack Towel 193 MSR Personal Towel (25" x 54")
Camp Chair 600 Crazy Creek
Miscellaneous Repair Items 324 Cordolette, duct tape, 4 small bungees, Velcro strips
Thermarest Repair kit Thermarest patches (in Ziploc labeled "repair kit")
Sewing Kit Eagle Creek (in Ziploc labeled "repair kit")
Multitool Micro Leatherman Tool with Pliers (in Ziploc labeled "repair kit")
Performance Drink Mixes (2 large tubs) 2260 Cytomax (Cool Citrus) and another of Accelerade (Lemonade w/caffeine)
Performance Snacks 567 MOJO bars (4); Q-chews (3 bags)
Favorite snack foods 1573 Swiss chocolate bars, GU (30) for up high
Journals (3) with mechanical pencils (3) 340 REI journals; extra lead (1.3mm) & erasers, sealed in Ziploc bag
Altimeter Watch Suunto Vector
Summit Bling 235 STS-86 US flag, NASA tributes (Crews, Henize), Purple Songs Can Fly flag, HMNS banner, Challenger Center, Autism band, Yuri's Night patch & family photos (in summit Ziploc)
Passport, photos (3) Copies of Passport in alternate locations
Travel Wallet on Lanyard REI
Passport In travel wallet
Immunization documentation FMC; in travel wallet
Packing List (4 copies) Copies in each bag and in travel wallet
Traveller's Checks For Sherpa fee, tips, miscellaneous expenses; in travel wallet
Cough drops x 20 539 Contingency Medical Kit in OR gray mesh bag
Diamox 250mg #60 Included above
Decadron 4mg q6 prn HACE #20 Included above
Nifedipine 10mg prn HAPE #20 Included above
Levaquin prn GI #10 Included above
Tylenol III #12 Included above
Lomotil #12 Included above
Zithromax pack (2) prn URI Included above
Tobradex ophthalmic drops Included above
Moleskin & 2nd skin Included above
Athletic tape & bandages Included above
Neosporin, small tube Included above
Ecotrin 81mg po qd #120 Included above
Pulse oximeter Nonin Onyx

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