Berrimilla Down Under Mars Status Report 27 May 2008

Status Report From: Berrimilla Down-under Mars
Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2008


TUESDAY, 27 MAY 2008

Blunky Tue 27/05/2008 19:06

Looks as if we will be at or close to amchitka on saturday. we have tidal data from argos stations either side but not for pass itself - seems low water slack is around noon utc sat 30th = 0400 alaska daylight time so if we're there it will be a dawn entry - locals advise not at night. Can anyone pse confirm low water time sat, sun, mon - Kimbra/Tom perhaps?

water temp 8 deg and now more current from NE so probably in the Aleutian slope flow, though still a long way out. Hands too cold for more - will do another in daylight. Water at Cape Horn was 7 deg.

Anyone for a tour of old nuclear testing sites? Jump aboard! First the Marshalls, now Amchitka. I doubt whether we could get to New Mexico, but there's Mururoa and a few others to go.

For ages now, I've been hearing a strange squeaky chirruping noise at night. Unable to place it but assumed that it was not threatening and probably coming from some part of Kevvo's wheels and pulleys. A couple of night ago, in the yellow cheesy moonlight. I saw a ghostly, tumbling black shape silhouetted against the moon's reflection - yay! got it - it's the Stormy Petrels talking to eachother. They must congregate around the boat at night attracted by the lights.

We're now nearly at 46N - way past Tasmania and approaching Stewart Island in our southern equivalents. Berri's highest latitude was Cape Horn at 57 and a bit south, and the Fastnet at about 51N so we're getting close to one and closer to another. Shame there's no gin.

Through the water log now reads 6343 after starting at 342, so 6000 miles - would be at Dutch if no current -we couldn't have gone much straighter. Must work out our average speed ttw - must be better than 5 kts.

A cold, wet, grey gloomy morning out here beyond the boonies. Manchester as I remember it, every Tuesday. Supposed to be midsummer - but I like it heaps as long as it keeps bringing us wind and keeping the nasties south of us.

Hey, Austin - glad you've found us again - pass the word around! Would be really interesting to know who else is out there - sign the gust book please everyone!


McQ: Ship Ahoy!!!

4452N, 17423E- just had an enormous container ship cross behind us from west to east. He was huge and so fully laden with containers that the bridge was barely visible over the top and he looked as though he had containers hanging over the back too- literally full to bursting!! He was dark blue and he passed close enough behind us for me to read CMA CGM (just, and I think!!!) on his side (but not close enough to stress about) He did come absolutely stonking out of nowhere though- I guess they don't expect to encounter anything out here and it really is full speed ahead... wasn't long before he was gone over the horizon at the other side either. I watched him for a bit after he passed, partly to make sure he didn't do anything crazy like turn around and come and have a look at us (like MV Beryl, once before in the Atlantic!!) and partly cause, in about 45 days, that is really the only tangible evidence I have that there is still a world ticking over out there!! If they'd been able to see me close up they would have wondered what this random michelin man-girl with bunches was doing sipping coffee and staring at them intently but a bit glakit from the cockpit of this tiny boat!!!

Sailing again, all good... should prob get back to deck to watch for more ships, would not be good to get mown down and squished here, so near to a large glass of red juice!!!

lots of love McQueen xxx ps is seymour out there at all??... miss your chat seymour, if you are!! will try call from dutch. xxx


noon 4439.10 17413.12 Tue 27/05/2008 03:57

dtd 948 dmg 91

dmg much better for Amchitka as we are heading more or less straight towards it. Now only 250 nm from US territorial waters - we're only a couple of days from Alaska at least, touch wood and lick me nose...

What to report - good wind, benign sea for the last 2 days - unimaginable. Real progress, although the bloody GPS keeps telling us we're not getting any closer timewise. Blood red sunrise - rather like sydney bushfire effect - obviously particulates in the air but what and where from? Indonesian forests? Chinese industry? I took a photo of the sun with an albatross just about to cross it - perfect timing but out of focus and just a splodge so worthless. Pity.

Found a way to get the fuel filter off the engine to fix the oil leak, which had been getting worse (obvious really - put a hose clip around it and was able to turn it by hand) and cleaned up the contact areas and replaced it with a new one so I hope that's sorted.

We're in a propagation hole - not a patch of green anywhere on the calculator and almost no orange. Checked the co-ordinates and all ok - anyone heard about unusual sunspot activity?

Carla - yay! re Phoenix. What it is looking for? And thanks re Dall's porps. They were dazzling.

Kimbra - thanks for Gary R stuff - really useful contact - and for fleecy inners. Have mine in my Chinese slippers from Beijing that keep my feet off all the damp floor inside.

Duncan - thanks heaps for all that research - basically confirmed my own opinions - I have raincatcher as well and have just assembled it. Will remove the cylinder in dutch. Also have AIS gizmology, but it seems to have gone to sleep so will have it checked.


McQ: Yep you guessed it- more about my feet

Oh Kimbra, how wonderful you are!!! This morning we opened one of Kimbras parcels, on her recommendation, and what were they?? A pair of fluffy insoles for each of us- AMAZING!!! I have never been so excited!! Have just finished watch and am about to cut down to size... then the question remains, will they fit inside the ziplocs or do I risk removing the ziplocs and hopefully it will be a long time before the damp (not wet anymore) insides seep through my new woolly insoles... whatever happens, boy they look like they will toast my tooty toes a treat!!!! Thank you!!!

Its starting to seem as if I am a bit obsessed about my feet.

Was a bit over excited this morning, got up, made coffee, oatcakes and marmalade as a treat for brekkie- a change from museli and undried fruit, back to the museli for a few days tomorrow tho, then crackers for a bit, before any more oatcake rations, I think. Had my vitamins too, went on deck and then realised it was only 0400, usually wait till 0900 watch before doing all of the above!!! Got a bit ahead of myself this morning tho- think it might be cause we've stuck to Sydney time but realistically we must be a few hours ahead by now, so it's pretty light pretty early. We've got a 6 hour time change between Sydney and Alaska (and also it'll be yesterday, if you see what I mean!!) Might be sensible to change the clocks when we cross the dateline, or we might end up very confused as we near Dutch!!

Right, must get on the woolly feet case.

Sailing again- woo hoo!!! Gentle 5.8 knots boat speed, in the right(ish) direction, not loads of wind but all our sail up... all good really!!

Lots o love


ps dave bright: what are your words for fingers and toes? I think i remember but I won't announce just in case I am totally wrong and then people really would think I was mad!!! Oh, am contemplating talking to the walrus, what do you think??

pps: mum, Frozen in Time is by Owen Beattie and John Geiger


// end //

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