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Status Report From: NASA Edge
Posted: Monday, June 16, 2008


If Luke could have put NASA's Chariot, ATHLETE, K-10 and the LSMS on the south ridge near his home on Tatooine, he could have joined the rebellion much sooner, avoided kissing his sister and even saved his father.

Okay, maybe I'm stretching things a little bit. But after only 10 seconds of seeing these vehicles in action, it is tough to supress my enthusiasm.

We arrived late in the afternoon in the thick of multiple simulations. The pictures don't quite capture the 20 mph wind, dust devils and chaotic temperatures, but each projects' team and hardware didn't seem phased. They were vigilantly putting everything, including themselves through the data collection ringer... And loving every minute of it. I have to hand it to them all. They are real troopers.

Enjoy the pics. I've got to go to Tasha Station to pick up some power converters.

Seriously, the wind was a factor. Credit: Blair Allen

Ron shoots as Joe Kosmo works with Chariot. Credit: Blair Allen

"Blair, I am your father..." Credit: Blair Allen (in reflection)

Chariot, K10, and ATHLETE... oh, my. Credit: Blair Allen

ATHLETE at training camp. Credit: Blair Allen

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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