ISS Increment 2 and 3 Management Status Report

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Friday, May 4, 2001

International Space Station- Increment 2 Management Accomplishments:

  • IDRD CR and CHIT completed to document Sta ge 6A priorities.
  • Accomplished all 5A. 1 Requirements priorities except for 5 items that were deferred: MACE (mass stora ge device checkout), CHeCS rack and equipment checkout, Inte grated checkout of PL MDM, PEHG, and APS, Install/ activate HRF Rack- 1, misc. payload activities.
  • Metrics available documenting progress to date for Expedition 2 priorities.


  • Actively participating in ISS MER C& C Anomaly Resolution Team meetings.
  • Working with MOD and MER to develop Pro gram decision tree for what is required to commit to Fli ght 7A.
  • Call out to update Fli ght 7A and Stage 7A IDRD Priorities.

    Issues and Concerns:

  • Following C& C MDM troubleshooting and resolution. Assessing impacts to increment scheduling and requirements.

    International Space Station- Increment 3 Management


  • Received Ener gia & MIOCB concurrence on IDRD PP3 Rev. B- 1 (CR 5241)
  • Completed IDRD PP3 Rev. B- 2 (CR 5394) TCM [5/ 4]
  • Completed FOR/ IOR outbrief to MIOCB
  • Provided impacts and work- arounds for UF1 launch slip from 11/ 1/ 01 to 11/ 29/ 01
  • Presented options for potential loss/ delay of 5P, 4R, and 6P
  • Demanifested ISS Ham antenna components from 7A. 1 (planned for EVA by Expedition 3)

    Plans :

  • Schedule ISS- 3 IOR (ISSP review) [TBR]
  • Complete update of IDRD PP3 Annex 2, On- orbit Maintenance Plan
  • Continue assessment of January UF- 1 launch
  • Assess timeline impacts resulting from loss of PEEK units for ISS- 3
  • Be gin IMC participation in 7A. 1/ ISS- 3 Sims [5/ 15]

    Issues and Concerns:

  • Expedition 3 EVA vs. utilization resources
  • Stability of Increment 3 launch dates
  • January UF1 launch date?
  • 7A after 7A. 1?
  • Delay of Russian vehicles?

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