NASA STS-126 Execute Package FD 03

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Sunday, November 16, 2008


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FD02 MMT Summary

The FD02 MMT met today to review mission progress with only a few items of discussion. These included orbiter systems and ascent imagery. At the time of the MMT, the OBSS scans were in progress.

Orbiter Systems - The MMT briefly reviewed the systems anomalies that are currently being tracked. Each issue was only briefly discussed since the teams are still reviewing the issues. These included:

  • The Ku antenna auto handover and PSP configuration issues were briefly mentioned at the MMT. The team is beginning to review the details of these problems and will report back to the MMT in the coming days.
  • The separate Ku antenna auto track problem was also briefly discussed. The problem is believed to be at the DEA or the EA Ku electronics. A similar problem occurred previously that was in the EA-1 that did not affect the rendezvous radar. If required, procedures and propellant do support a failed rendezvous radar approach.
  • The OMS Xfeed Heater A is still under evaluation. On FD01, the Low Point Drainline Temp declined to 45 deg F prior to swapping to the B heaters. The B heater is performing nominally. On the previous flight, the heater cycled on about 55 deg F; however, data review shows that on the first flight of Endeavour (STS-49), the same heater cycled on the first time at 40 deg F. From docking through entry, the attitude is such that the affected area of the crossfeed line is expected to remain thermally stable and likely above limits without the heater. This next worst failure will be analyzed in the coming days.

Imagery - A quick look at the available imagery was provided. The MMT reviewed the release of a small piece of debris, suspected to be FRSI blanket above the T0 LH2 umbilical plate. The release occurred at MET 26 sec. The standard review process will continue for this item, but it is not believed this will be a thermal concern during entry since the umbilical plate itself is just painted aluminum. The black tiles on the OMS pod adjacent to the FRSI blanket are there for durability and not thermal reasons. Post MMT Update: You did a great job providing a great view of the suspect area. Interestingly, the area looked nominal. Obviously, the team will continue to analyze the imagery and the inspection data.

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