NASA STS-126 Execute Package FD14

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Thursday, November 27, 2008


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FD13 MMT Summary 2

The MMT met to review mission progress and orbiter systems. The mission is progressing extremely well and all parties are excited with the success of the docked phase of the mission. Endeavour continues to perform extremely well and no new systems issues were discussed today.

The MMT had a brief discussion regarding EOM consumables capabilities. LiOH will be the limiting consumable at EOM+2. Based on the early, but very encouraging forecasts at KSC and EDW for EOM and EOM+1, the decision was made to not take additional LiOH from the ISS stockpile and accept LiOH as the limiting consumable. All of the LiOH is currently located in the correct locations to support this plan.

The MMT reviewed the window 6 thermal pane MMOD impact assessment. There has been similar damage in the past and those windows had no issues throughout entry. The window has positive margins, and there is no concern throughout the heating regime of entry when the dynamic pressure is very low. The assessment determined that crack propagation is unlikely, but if it occurred, it would be below Mach 1. Further, if cracks do occur around the HAC, previous ground testing has demonstrated that there is no concern, even for loads much more significant than your predicted aero loads.

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