NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD04

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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John & Ricky,

You did very well on your first day of transfer, and we were happy to see downlink video of some of those bags traveling across the hatch!

Today the choreography is light - some Dome Gene items for Koichi and a returning PWD sample. You, Joe, & Swanny can use the scheduled transfer time working on resupply as desired - any items that do not have a flight day constraint listed in the notes column are fair game.

The FD03 MMT met briefly to review mission progress with only a few items of discussion. The team heard the ascent quick look report and the overall performance of the integrated ascent GN&C system was very good. Also, the Damage Assessment Team is on schedule with their assessment and should have final results soon. Thus far, the team has noted a small fray on the Nose Landing Gear Door thermal barrier and two gap filler protrusions on the left OMS pod. Neither of these items present any concern. The team is looking forward to a successful rendezvous and docking and the start of the mated portion of the mission.

Shuttle Ergometer Anomaly: After several unsuccessful troubleshooting attempts, the team is developing workaround options to use Station exercise assets to backfill the current unavailability of the shuttle ergometer. The team will continue to investigate other options.

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