NASA STS-119 Execute Package FD05

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Thursday, March 19, 2009


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John & Ricky,

You accomplished more excellent work yesterday and are transferring at a very good pace. Thanks so much for making it seem easy!

There's not much transfer scheduled today. Per the timeline, Sandy & Koichi will perform the PCDF payload transfer. For the scheduled

The FD04 MMT met briefly to review mission progress. Congratulations on a flawless rendezvous and docking! It is a great milestone for JAXA as Koichi Wakata begins his Expedition mission on the ISS. The minor system anomalies were briefly summarized and the only reportable item is that the team is developing an IFM procedure to further troubleshoot the Shuttle ergometer.

Damage Assessment Team Summary: A preliminary summary from the Damage Assessment Team was discussed. The RCC is very clean and the team was almost finished with their assessment of the TPS tiles and blankets. A tile RTV bond analysis for a ~0.25 inch deep divot on the underside of the port inboard elevon was almost complete at the time of the MMT. This damage site is not in the cone of influence behind the tile with the Boundary Layer Transition DTO protuberance. After the MMT, the DAT team determined this elevon region of interest is not a concern. As a result, focused inspection is not required. A detailed summary will be available for review at tomorrow's MMT.

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