Haughton-Mars Project (HMP-2001 REPORT: 010630)

Status Report From: Haughton-Mars Project (HMP)
Posted: Saturday, June 30, 2001

By: Dr. Pascal Lee

The events of our day were the arrivals in Resolute Bay of Dr. Louis D. Friedman, Executive Director of the Planetary Society, and of HMP veteran Darlene Lim, graduate student in geobiology from the University of Toronto.

Lou is joining the HMP for a week to explore the feasability that our research site on Devon Island host a new, Planetary Society-supported "Mars Outpost" initiative in the years to come. Mars Outposts are envisaged by the Planetary Society as a way to bridge the gap existing between the current robotic program of Mars exploration and an actual human mission to the Red Planet. The outposts would involve establishing at selected sites on Mars substantial robotic infrastructures capable of supporting a wide array of surface exploration activities (with in particular opportunities for broad-based public teleparticipation) in preparation for the actual arrival of humans.

Originally proposed by Bruce Murray, the "Mars Outposts" idea was further developed at the Planetary Society by Bruce, Lou, Wes Huntress and others. I find the idea interesting and worth exploring further. More details about the Mars Outposts idea can be found in the May/June issue of The Planetary Report, the magazine of the Planetary Society.

Darlene is joining us to participate in this year's biology program as a member of the first phase of occupation of the FMARS habitat. Last summer, she was a member of the crew that spent five days in the FMARS under command of Carol Stoker of NASA Ames.

Our chances of "putting in" on Devon tomorrow are low. Our friend Allan Huard who is in charge of the Noranda Camp reported snow precipitation on Northern Devon this morning. It is now drizzly and foggy in Resolute Bay. First Air pilots are recommending that we wait for a solid day of sunshine to allow our airstrip at Haughton Crater to become nearly snow free and to dry up. Patience is the name of the game.

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