Photos: NASA Mars Rover Opportunity Continues to Drive North: Status for sol 2751-2756

Status Report From: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Posted: Monday, October 31, 2011

The seasonal plan is for Opportunity to winter over on the north end of Cape York on the rim of Endeavour crater where northern tilts are favorable for energy production.

As such, the project has been driving the rover in the direction of the north end of the cape with a route along the west side that creates opportunities for science along the way. The science team is on the lookout for veins of light-toned material, putative fracture-fill.

On Sol 2751 (Oct. 20, 2011), Opportunity traveled over 161 feet (49 meters) in the northeasterly direction. The three-sol plan over the weekend had Opportunity heading just west of north with almost a 197-foot (60-meter) drive. With that drive, the rover exceeded 21 miles (34 kilometers) of odometry. On Sol 2756 (Oct. 25, 2011), the rover drove over 135 feet (41 meters), first northwest then due north. The plan ahead is more driving north.

As of Sol 2756 (Oct. 25, 2011), solar array energy production was 297 watt-hours with an increased atmospheric opacity (Tau) of 0.913 and a solar array dust factor of 0.510.

Total odometry is 21.18 miles (34,081.11 meters, or 34.08 kilometers).

Microscopic Images

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