Impact of Delays in Selection and Funding of Research and Data Analysis Program Awards

Status Report From: Planetary Science Institute
Posted: Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last week, I requested information from our community about the impact of delays in R&A selections and awards. Your responses, minus personal information, have been posted at:

Consequences include: The personal assumption of research expenses by scientists, the potential loss of students, funding instability or inadequacy for postdocs, undermining funded research, general loss of efficiency in programs and research, a sense of overall lack of support for these foundational programs that underpin our solar system exploration efforts, and the potential loss of scientists from planetary science.

These are not problems caused by Congress. They are not the necessary outcome of Continuing Resolutions. They could be obviated by NASA's adoption of a policy that would require timely allocation of resources to these programs and the timely processing of proposals and subsequent funding of awards.

Mark Sykes

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