DPS Mailing #01-46: Decadal survey news; Breakfast at DPS

Status Report From: American Astronomical Society
Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2001

PLANETARY DECADAL STUDY NEWS - FINISHING WHITE PAPERS During the upcoming Steering Group meeting, November 14-16 in Pasedena, preliminary proposals and recommendations will be made by the NRC survey panels. A report will also be made on the preliminary reports and recommendations of the community decadal panels. The Steering Group, who will be writing the final decadal study report, will then begin their discussion of their position on issues and potential final recommendations.

More than 265 members of the planetary community have organized 23 decadal panels covering all areas of solar system exploration in support of this study. Since the recommendations of the final report will be held up as the consensus of the community, this participation and input has been and is essential. The underlying principal is that every planetary scientist, new and established, has something of value to contribute to this effort.

I have asked the community panel leads to provide preliminary white paper drafts and executive summaries by the middle of next week. Please communicate your input to these panel leads, who are listed on the community website ( click on Community Panels). Prelimary and final versions of these white papers will be transmitted to the corresponding NRC panel for integration.

Available drafts of preliminary report outlines from the NRC survey panels have also been posted on the above website with feedback links.

The white papers, completed and posted, together with the available preliminary reports of the NRC survey panels will form the basis for the next level of community discussion: having laid out priorities for the next decade within different areas of solar system exploration, how do we prioritize across those areas? We should at least be able to generate arguments and justifications that the Steering Group can use in defining those priorities in its final product.

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In other decadal news:

Meeting notes from the Community Mars panel have been posted

A new panel has formed: Solar System Astrometry - Lead: Dan Pascu (USNO)

Mark V. Sykes,
DPS Chair


Graduate students and post-docs are invited to have breakfast each morning with outgoing DPS Chair, Mark Sykes, incoming DPS Chair, Wes Huntress, and incoming DPS Vice-Chair, Rick Binzel at 7:30 AM at the Hyatt Courtyard. You will be our guests. We would like to meet you and learn about your activities, future plans, and thoughts about the future of solar system exploration.

Please sign up at

Signups will be limited to 15 people for each morning to give us an opportunity to actually talk with you!

Mark V. Sykes,
DPS Chair


Melissa McGrath, on behalf of the DPS Committee (submissions to Al Harris:

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