Where's Gorby?

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2012

image Where's Gorby? Objective: To find four Gorbys at locations in and around downtown Boston and solve a space station riddle. Eligible participants: Participants may come from in and around the Boston area Overview:

Astronaut Sunita Williams is currently on board the International Space Station with the Expedition 32 crew. Although born in Ohio, Suni considers Boston home.

One of Suni's best friends is her dog Gorby, a Jack Russell terrier. While Suni's away, Gorby visits Boston to stay with Suni's family. This year, Gorby will be in Boston during Destination Station! To celebrate his homecoming, four "Flat Gorbys" will be posted around Boston's downtown. It is up to YOU to find them! On the back of each Gorby, activity participants will find two distinct letters that are part of the answer to the space station riddle. Participants are challenged to find all four Gorbys, collect each letter (including the two bonus letters below), unscramble them, and solve the riddle.


The "Where's Gorby" activity will begin August 12-15, 2012. To be eligible for a prize, participants must present the correct riddle answer and the locations of all four Gorbys to Boston Children's Museum by close of business on August 15, 2012. Only the first fifty winners will be given a prize. For more information, please contact Michael Hernandez at

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