New NASA eClips Videos Available 25 Aug 2012

Status Report From: NASA Education Office
Posted: Sunday, August 26, 2012

Check out the new videos that NASA eClips(TM) has rolled out for August.

-- Real World: NASA Harnesses Half Life (Grades 6-8) -- Learn about isotopes and radioactive decay. See how NASA uses the predictable decay of certain elements to power spacecraft in remote locations. Find out why a Radioisotope Power System, or RPS, provides dependable energy for the Mars Science Laboratory.

-- Launchpad: What Are Radioisotope Power Systems? (Grades 9-12) -- NASA uses Radioisotope Power Systems, or RPS, to convert heat from radioactive decay to electricity, creating predictable, continuous power for long missions in extreme environments. But learn how a next generation Radioisotope Stirling Engine will perform four times more efficiently and help NASA use even less of a precious resource.

-- Launchpad: History, Benefits and Safety of Radioisotope Power Systems (Grades 9-12) -- With safety designed from inside out and outside in, see how NASA has used Radioisotope Power Systems, or RPS, for more than 20 missions over the last 50 years. Discover the advantages of an RPS that allow spacecraft like Voyager to do important scientific maneuvers even after being in the extreme environment of space for 30 years! Find out where an RPS could take us in the future.

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