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Status Report From: Langley Research Center
Posted: Friday, December 28, 2001

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[Printed Issue Date: December 24, 2001]
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CLASSCOD: A--Research and Development
OFFADD: NASA/Langley Research Center, Mail Stop 144, Industry
Assistance Office, Hampton, VA 23681-0001
POC Richard T Cannella, Contract Specialist, Phone (757) 864-2494, Fax (757) 864-9774, Email - Rosemary C. Froehlich, Contracting Officer, Phone (757) 864-2423, Fax (757) 864-8863, Email

DESC: NASA/LaRC plans to issue a Draft NASA Research Announcement (NRA) for the establishment of the National Institute of Aerospace at Langley Research Center on or about January 17, 2002. The Institute will (1) conduct leading edge aerospace research and develop revolutionary new technologies by creating innovative, collaborative, synergistic partnerships among LaRC, academia, and industry; (2) provide comprehensive graduate education in science and engineering through participating universities by using both a local campus and exploiting innovative distance-learning concepts; (3) incubate, stimulate, and commercialize new intellectual property; and (4) promote aerospace science and engineering, provide outreach, and stimulate public awareness and support in aeronautics and space research and technology development. The principal objectives of the Institute are to (1) create a strategic partner to conduct leading edge research in collaboration with LaRC; (2) leverage the intellectual capital of the academic community to fulfill the LaRC mission; and (3) leverage the assets of LaRC for the public purposes of creating new knowledge and a better-educated workforce. The scope of the research to be performed by the Institute encompasses: (1) aerospace systems, concepts, and analysis; (2) aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, and acoustics; (3) structures and materials; (4) airborne systems; (5) atmospheric sciences and sensor system technologies; and (6) planetary capture and entry technologies. The Institute will be established pursuant to NASA Procedures and Guidelines (NPG) 5000.1 entitled "Establishing a Science and Research Institute." The NPG can be obtained at

NASA intends to award both a Cooperative Agreement and Contract to a single proposing entity. In accordance with NPG 5000.1, the lead proposing entity must be a domestic academic institution or a not-for profit organization, or a consortium of such entities. A Pre-solicitation Conference is scheduled for January 31, 2002 at NASA Langley Research Center. The conference will start at approximately 8:30am. Additional details regarding the conference will be set forth in the Draft NRA. To attend this conference, you are required to register with Julie B. Fowler by e-mail at and provide the following information: Your citizenship (United States or name of country); your title (Dr., Mr. or Ms.); name (first, middle, and last); company and company address; telephone number, facsimile (fax) number, and e-mail address. LaRC security procedures for foreign national visitors require at least 10 working days advance notice. Therefore, foreign national visitors must register before January 8, 2002, to allow the 10 days for a background check. The information required for foreign nationals includes: name (first, middle, and last), whether or not you are currently a visitor in the United State (yes or no), gender (male or female), date of birth, citizenship, city and country of birth, title/area of expertise (attach copy of resume), employer name, country of employer, organization address (city, state, or country, zip code), organization telephone, facsimile (fax), and e-mail address, whether or not you are a green card holder (yes or no/if yes provide green card number and expiration date), passport number, passport expiration date, country of issuance, social security number, visa number and type, visa expiration date, and grant/contract number. If you are uncomfortable providing the above information electronically, you may contact Julie B. Fowler at 757-864-3408. The purpose of the Draft NRA is to solicit comments on all aspects of the solicitation, including the requirements, proposal instructions, and evaluation approach. Please note that proposals are not being solicited at this time. A synopsis will be posted to the CBD and the NASA Acquisition Internet Service prior to the release of the Final NRA to advertise the opportunity. An ombudsman has been appointed. See NASA Specific Note "B".

The Draft solicitation and any documents related to this procurement will be available over the Internet. These documents will be in Microsoft Office 97 format and will reside on a World-Wide Web (WWW) server, which may be accessed using a WWW browser application. The Internet site, or URL, for the NASA/LaRC Business Opportunities page is It is the offeror's responsibility to monitor the Internet site for the release of the solicitation and amendments (if any). Potential offerors will be responsible for downloading their own copy of the solicitation and amendments (if any).

Any referenced notes can be viewed at the following URL: Sources interested in receiving updates regarding this NRA can register with the NAIS Email Notification System (NENS) which allows you to receive notifications on NASA acquisition opportunities of interest to you. You can register to receive email notifications by creating subscriptions, which will enable you to track updates posted on the NASA Acquisition Internet Service. The NENS link is Technical questions associated with this effort should be directed to Dr. Charles E. Harris at 757-864-3408. Procurement related questions should be directed to the Points of Contact listed below. LINKURL:
LINKDESC: Click here for the latest information about this notice
EMAILDESC: Richard T Cannella CITE: (D-354 SN515792)

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