Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer 60-day decay forecast report

Status Report From: Goddard Space Flight Center
Posted: Monday, January 7, 2002

The latest 60-day decay forecast report from GSFC Orbital Information Group
(OIG) predicts that EUVE would reenter around Jan. 18, see below.


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60-Day Decay Forecast Report

     To:  OIG USERS

   From:  Goddard Space Flight Center
          Networks and Mission Services, Code 450
          Greenbelt, Maryland  20771

Subject:  Sixty Day Decay Forecast

   Date:  January 03, 2002

The following are NASA spacecraft decaying within the time frame of this

International              Catalog  Forecasted      RCS   
Designation      Name      Number   Decay Date      Value

1992-031A        EUVE      21987    January 18      16.06

// end //

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