Call for Proposals - SGAC Space Safety and sustainability Project Group

Status Report From: Space Generation Advisory Council
Posted: Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dear Spacegen,

In preparation for the year 2016, the SGAC Space Safety and Sustainability project group is accepting proposals for new projects. If you have a project idea that you would like to see implemented by an international group of students and young professionals, please submit a proposal to us by 25 November 2015 by e-mailing and More details about the proposals is available below.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any other questions.

Ali Nasseri and Matteo Emanuelli
SSS Co-leads

What project ideas can I submit?
SSS runs technical, policy and outreach projects. We are open to any idea that is related to our areas of focus:
- Space debris
- Space safety
- Space situational awareness
- Space weather

Take a look at our webpage at for a list of past and current projects.

What are you looking for in a proposal?
- A proposal should be a minimum of two pages and address the following:
- Project description
- Project scope
- Aims and objectives
- Background information and methodology
- Timeline and milestones
- List of deliverables
- Estimated number of team members needed/roles

Most SSS projects run for about 1 year, so please take this into account in your proposals. Remember, all SSS members are volunteers and as a result, the amount of time they can devote to the projects is limited. SSS projects are not meant to be a PhD project and should be scoped in a realistic manner with realistic achievable goals. Usual deliverables include reports or scholarly/conference publications.

To get an idea of timelines, project scopes and deliverables of previous SSS project, please check our webpage at

Who will lead the project I am proposing?

You can lead the project you are proposing yourself. If you do not wish to do so (or wish to have a supervisory role), then a member of the SSS project group will be assigned to coordinate the project.

Who will work on the project?

Accepted projects will be presented to SSS members and teams will be formed from the members of the SSS project group. As mentioned above, you may choose to lead the project or have other SSS members do so. You can also suggest who should work on the project in your proposal.

I am not an SSS member. Can I send my proposal?

Of course! We are always open to new members and collaborators.

You have a project similar to the one I want to propose. Should I submit the proposal?
Please submit your proposal. All current SSS projects also need to submit proposals for continuation next year and might be discontinued if a successful proposal is not received. In case your proposal is similar to another project, we might suggest that you merge the two projects into one.

Who will review the proposals?

The proposals will be reviewed by the SSS project group co-leads and members of the SSS advisory board. You will hear back regarding the outcome of you proposal before the end of the year.

I do not have a project idea but am interested in SSS. How can I join?

Please check our webpage at for more information on joining SSS and our current projects.

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