Chandra Digest (Mar 13): Twin Quasars

Status Report From: Marshall Space Flight Center
Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2002


** Quasar Pair Q2345+007A,B: Twin Quasars Tango And It's No Mirage The Chandra image of the twin quasars Q2345+007 A, B shows that they are not identical twins. This means that it is unlikely that they are an optical illusion, rather, they were probably created by merging galaxies.

** Operations CXO Status Report (Friday 03/08/02)

During the last week the observing schedule was replanned to include an observation of the Seyfert Galaxy NCG 4388 that was accepted as a Target Of Opportunity (TOO) on 3 March following its detection in outburst. An observation of NCG 1265 was impacted by the TOO and will be rescheduled in a later load.


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If you missed the "Name that Image" contest last fall, here's your chance to see what the buzz was all about. Figure out the images in this colorful Chandra collage.

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