NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #749 19 May 2017 (Space Life Science Research Results)

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Posted: Friday, May 19, 2017

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Papers deriving from NASA support:



Heacox HN, Gillman PL, Zwart SR, Smith SM.

Excretion of zinc and copper increases in men during 3 weeks of bed rest, with or without artificial gravity.

J Nutr. 2017 May 10. [Epub ahead of print]

PI: S.M. Smith

Note: Bed rest study; centrifugation was used.

Journal Impact Factor: 3.740

Funding: "Supported by the NASA Human Research Program's Human Health and Countermeasures Element and Flight Analogs Project. The bed rest studies were conducted at the Institute for Translational Sciences at the University of Texas Medical Branch, which was supported in part by a Clinical and Translational Science Award (UL1TR000071) from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, NIH. HNH was supported by an Arkansas Space Grant Consortium Workforce Development Grant."



Yoganandan N, Pintar FA, Banerjee A.

Load-based lower neck injury criteria for females from rear impact from cadaver experiments.

Ann Biomed Eng. 2017 May;45(5):1194-203.

PI: J. Somers

Journal Impact Factor:  2.887

Funding: "This material is the result of work supported with resources and use of facilities at the Zablocki VA Medical Center (ZVAMC), Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the Department of Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), W81XWH-16-1-0010; and the NASA Human Research Program through the HHPC Contract (NNJ15HK11B)."



Yin L, Menon R, Gupta R, Vaught L, Okunieff P, Vidyasagar S.

Glucose enhances rotavirus enterotoxin-induced intestinal chloride secretion.

Pflugers Arch. 2017 May 10. [Epub ahead of print]

PI: S. Vidyasagar

Journal Impact Factor: 3.654

Funding: "The work was partially funded through grants from (1) The National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) through NASA NCC 9-58, RE02901, and a research agreement with the University of Florida; (2) Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) matching funds research program at the University of Florida; and (3) matching funds from Entrinsic Health Solutions, Project number P0001295 and AGR00003327."



Nelson ES, Mulugeta L, Feola A, Raykin J, Myers JG, Samuels BC, Ethier CR.

The impact of ocular hemodynamics and intracranial pressure on intraocular pressure during acute gravitational changes.

J Appl Physiol (1985). 2017 May 11:jap.00102.2017. [Epub ahead of print]

PI: C.R. Ethier

Journal Impact Factor: 3.004

Funding: "This work was funded by NASA’s Human Research Program through the Digital Astronaut Project (DAP) and NASA grant number NNX13AP91G."



Khokhlova VA, Yuldashev PV, Rosnitskiy PB, Maxwell AD, Kreider W, Bailey MR, Sapozhnikov OA.

Design of HIFU transducers to generate specific nonlinear ultrasound fields.

Physics Procedia. 2016 Jan;87:132-8.

PI: M.R. Bailey

Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.

Journal Impact Factor: 0.70

Funding: "Work was supported by NIH grants EB007643 and DK043881, National Space Biomedical Research Institute through NASA NCC 9-58, and RSF grant 14-12-00974."



Rosnitskiy PB, Yuldashev PV, Sapozhnikov OA, Maxwell AD, Kreider W, Bailey MR, Khokhlova VA.

Design of HIFU transducers for generating specified nonlinear ultrasound fields.

IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control. 2017 Feb;64(2):374-90.

PI: M.R. Bailey

Journal Impact Factor: 2.287

Funding: "This work was supported in part by the Russian Science Foundation under Grant 14-12-00974, in part by the National Institutes of Health under Grant EB007643 and Grant P01 DK43881, and in part by NSBRI through NASA under Grant NCC 9-58."



Wilson JW, Slaba TC, Badavi FF.

3DHZETRN: Inhomogeneous geometry issues.

Hampton, VA: NASA Langley Research Center, 2017 Mar. 20 p. NASA/TP-2017-219590.

Note: This report may be obtained online without charge.

Journal Impact Factor: Not applicable to this publication

Funding: No funding cited. T.C. Slaba is affiliated with NASA Langley Research Center.



Miller MJ, McGuire KM, Feigh KM.

Decision support system requirements definition for human extravehicular activity based on cognitive work analysis.

J Cogn Eng Decis Mak. 2017 Jun;11(2):136-65.

Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.

Journal Impact Factor: 1.74

Funding: "This research was sponsored by the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (Grant NNX13AL32H)." K.M. McGuire is affiliated with NASA Johnson Space Center.



Stewart M, Laraway S, Jordan K, Feary MS.

Simplified approach charts improve data retrieval performance.

J Cogn Eng Decis Mak. 2017 Jun;11(2):166-83.

Note: >From the abstract: "The effectiveness of different instrument approach charts to deliver minimum visibility and altitude information during airport equipment outages was investigated." This article may be obtained online without charge.

Journal Impact Factor: 1.74

Funding: No funding cited. M.S. Feary is affiliated with NASA Ames Research Center.



Other papers of interest:



Narici L, Casolino M, Di Fino L, Larosa M, Picozza P, Rizzo A, Zaconte V.

Performances of Kevlar and polyethylene as radiation shielding on-board the International Space Station in high latitude radiation environment.

Sci Rep. 2017 May 10;7(1):1644.

Note: ISS results. This article may be obtained online without charge.



Cazzaniga A, Moscheni C, Maier JA, Castiglioni S.

Culture of human cells in experimental units for spaceflight impacts on their behavior.

Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2017 May;242(10):1072-8.

Note: The effects of an experimental closed culture unit on cell growth and behavior were tested prior to sending the culture system to the International Space Station.



Bamman MM, Roberts BM, Adams GR.

Molecular regulation of exercise-induced muscle fiber hypertrophy.

Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2017 May 10. [Epub ahead of print] Review.



Launay T, Momken I, Carreira S, Mougenot N, Zhou XL, De Koning L, Niel R, Riou B, Billat V, Besse S.

Acceleration-based training: A new mode of training in senescent rats improving performance and left ventricular and muscle functions.

Exp Gerontol. 2017 May 4. [Epub ahead of print]

Note: A treadmill was used.



Reidy P, McKenzie A, Brunker P, Nelson D, Barrows K, Supiano M, LaStayo P, Drummond M.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation combined with protein ingestion preserves thigh muscle mass but not muscle function in healthy older adults during 5-days of bed rest.

Rejuvenation Res. 2017 May 08. [Epub ahead of print]

Note: Bed rest study.



Huang Y, Luan H, Sun L, Bi J, Wang Y, Fan Y.

Local vibration enhanced the efficacy of passive exercise on mitigating bone loss in hindlimb unloading rats.

Acta Astronaut. 2017 Aug;137:373-81. Epub 2017 May 16.

Note: Hindlimb unloading study.



Cucinotta FA, Cacao E.

Non-targeted effects models predict significantly higher Mars mission cancer risk than targeted effects models.

Sci Rep. 2017 May 12;7(1):1832.

Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.



Nantajit D, Jetawattana S, Suriyo T, Grdina DJ, Satayavivad J.

Andrographis paniculata diterpenoids protect against radiation-induced transformation in BALB/3T3 cells.

Radiat Res. 2017 May 11. [Epub ahead of print]



Wang P, Yuan D, Guo F, Chen X, Zhu L, Zhang H, Wang C, Shao C.

Chromatin remodeling modulates radiosensitivity of the daughter cells derived from cell population exposed to low- and high-LET irradiation.

Oncotarget. 2017 Apr 20. [Epub ahead of print]

Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.



Wang Y, Liu Q, Zhao W, Zhou X, Miao G, Sun C, Zhang H.

NADPH oxidase activation contributes to heavy ion irradiation-induced cell death.

Dose Response. 2017 Jan-Mar;15(1):1559325817699697.

Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.



Peng Y, Thurman S, Lu H.

Causal action: A fundamental constraint on perception and inference about body movements.

Psychol Sci. 2017 May 1:956797617697739. [Epub ahead of print]


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