Chandra Digest (Apr 10): New Form of Matter?

Status Report From: Marshall Space Flight Center
Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2002


** RX J1856.5-3754 and 3C58: NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found two stars -- one too small, one too cold -- that reveal cracks in our understanding of the structure of matter. These discoveries open a new window on nuclear physics, offering a link between the vast cosmos and its tiniest constituents.

** Operations CXO Status Report (Friday 04/05/02)

During the last week the loads were interrupted on 2 April due to an execution of the Science Instrument safing SCS 107. The SCS was executed by the OBC as a result of the EPHIN hardware fault flag being set. Analysis of both real-time and dump data showed no problems with the hardware and a procedure was run on 3 April to re-initialize the OBC EPHIN process and resume science.


++ CHANDRA CHRONICLES: A Scientist's Musings On Chandra And Jupiter With a fleet of ground-based and space-borne observatories fixed on Jupiter simultaneously, scientists came up with some remarkable results.

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