National Oceanographic Partnership Program announcement

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

NASA would like to draw your attention to a new National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) “Broad Agency Announcement” (ONR BAA # N000014-18-S-B007) posted that includes seven ocean research and technology topics that may be of interest.  Up to $27.3 million over three (3) years may be available for this solicitation, subject to appropriation, availability of funds, and final approval by the participating NOPP agencies.

   The BAA provides research opportunities for the following seven topics:

   Topic 1 - CubeSat Sensors for Investigating Littoral Ocean & Atmosphere Dynamics

   Topic 2 - Sustained observations of marine biodiversity for improved understanding of marine ecosystem responses to changing environmental conditions

   Topic 3 - Advanced Sensor Technology

   Topic 4 -  Autonomous Profiling Floats for Investigating Tropical Pacific Ocean Biogeochemistry

   Topic 5 - Improving Arctic Operational Forecasts Arctic Observing System Simulation Experiments using Year of Polar Prediction data (Arctic OSSE)

   Topic 6 - New Approaches for Data Assimilation to Improve Operational Ocean Prediction

   Topic 7 - Autonomous Mapping

Additional information may be found at

Please note that NASA will not be soliciting proposals for this program through NSPIRES. Instructions for proposal submission can be found at the link provided above. Questions concerning this program element may be directed to Paula Bontempi at

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