Education Opportunities in NASA STEM (EONS) FY2019 -Call for Reviewers

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

NASA Research and Education Support Services (NRESS) is seeking persons willing to serve as peer reviewers for the Education Opportunities in NASA STEM (EONS) FY2019: MUREP Innovations in Space Technology Curriculum (MISTC – Group 2).
Information about this opportunity, proposal requirements and evaluation criteria can be found on the EONS FY2019, Appendix F: MISTC (Group 2) page in the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES).
Peer review is a critical component of the decision-making process for awarding projects. By engaging individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives and areas of expertise in the review process, your participation will assist in identifying high-quality projects.
Reviewers will be selected based on the subject matter of the proposals received; therefore, your willingness to participate in this particular peer review does not guarantee selection. If you are selected, you will be notified via email, with detailed instructions on the process.
The peer review process is completed in two stages. The proposals are first reviewed individually and anonymously online. When the online review period ends, a 2-3 day panel will convene to discuss the proposals and identify those recommended for funding.
Proposals are approximately 15 pages in length and every effort is made to assign no more than 5 proposals per online reviewer.
Non-civil servant online reviewers will receive $75 for each proposal review completed and submitted in NSPIRES prior to the close of the review period.
Non-civil servant panelists will receive a $200/per day honorarium.
If you are interested in participating in the review cycle, we request your response by November 30, 2018.
Request for Reviewer Information through NSPIRES
The specific objective of this request is to identify subject matter experts willing to assist with the review of applications submitted in response to the EONS FY2019: MUREP Innovations in Space Technology Curriculum (MISTC – Group 2) opportunity.
The following will be requested via responses to NSPIRES Program Specific Data (PSD) questions and (possibly) an uploaded document:
-     Your contact information
-     Organization information
-     Previous NASA review experience
-     Professional expertise and specialization
-     Interest in being considered as a reviewer for this and/or future solicitation reviews.
-     Link to your online CV or uploaded CV or brief biographical sketch (see later instructions).
Submitting Responses
Responses to the EONS Request for Reviewer Information, must be submitted electronically (via aforementioned PSD questions) using the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) at
It is important to note that the use of the terms “Proposals” and “Notices of Intent (NOI)” in these instructions does not mean that NASA is inviting proposals or offers in response to this specific RFI.
Some of the functionality of NSPIRES uses terminology that does not correspond precisely to the collection of RFI data. For instance, when submitting responses, submitters will be prompted to “Access ‘Proposals/NOIs’ in the NSPIRES Options Page.”
NSPIRES Account Registration
All respondents are required to register with NSPIRES and are asked to familiarize themselves with its structure and enter the requested identifier information. The NSPIRES site is secure, and all information entered is strictly for NASA use only.
Respondents do not have to affiliate with an organization and do not have to have an authorized organizational representative submit on their behalf. To register for an account, go to and click on “Getting an Account” on the left hand margin of the screen.
Creating Your Response
Responses must be submitted using the “Notice of Intent (NOI)” module within the NSPIRES system. To -initiate a response:
-     Log in using your NSPIRES user name and password (
-     Access “Proposals/NOIs” in the NSPIRES Option Page
-     Click on the “Create NOI” button on the right side of the screen, and click Continue
-     Select “NNH18ZHA008CRFRI”, and click Continue
-     For “NOI Title” enter your name
-     On the “SUBMITTING ORGANIZATION” page, click on the “Do Not Link At This Time’’ button, and click Save
-     On the “VIEW NOI” page, click the “Program Specific Data link”
-     Click the “Edit” button to enter your information and click the ‘Confirm’ button when finished
-     To upload a CV or biographical summary, click the ‘Add’ button for NOI Attachments. Document must be saved as a PDF
-     When complete, click the ‘Submit NOI’ button
-     Click "Continue" to proceed with submission
-     To continue with submittal, click on "SUBMIT" again to confirm. To return to the NOI, click "Back to NOI"
If you have a CV readily available, it can be uploaded as an attachment (Appendix) under “NOI Attachments” in NSPIRES.
Providing information at this time does not commit you to serve, nor will NASA be obligated to use you as a reviewer for this opportunity.
Please respond by Friday, November 30, 2018.
For Assistance
Inquiries regarding this request should be submitted via email to
Requests for assistance in accessing and/or using the NSPIRES website may be submitted by email to or by telephone to (202) 479-9376, Monday through Friday (8:00 AM–6:00 PM Eastern Time).
FAQs on NSPIRES may be accessed through the Proposal Online Help site at
Tutorials of NSPIRES are available at

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