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Status Report From: SETI@home
Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Dear Planetary Society Member,

3.7 million people and counting!

That is an astounding number. It is also the number of people who have signed on to participate in the incredible SETI@home Project - a bold experiment that directly involves them in the search for life beyond Earth.

In the last three years, SETI@home has linked together what amounts to more than three million private computers, in essence making it the largest computer in the world! This "supercomputer" is hard at work crunching the numbers in search of the signal that could be the first proof of intelligent life beyond this planet.

When The Planetary Society first agreed to take on sponsorship of SETI@home, we knew we were taking a risk with an enormously complex and ambitious software project. But we saw the tremendous possibility for public involvement, so we took the risk that no one else would.

That's why your help is needed now! By sending in your generous gift today, you can help us ensure that this remarkable project continues running far into the future.

SETI@home is not just about being directly involved in the adventure of's about having a real shot at making the history books. After all, the day we discover life on another world is a day that will be remembered always. It will be marked as a pivotal point in human history, the instant that humanity's isolation in the cosmos disappears forever.

Without financial support from interested individuals like you, we simply would be unable to undertake such rewarding projects. Please help today by making a generous contribution to the Society. I guarantee that your gift will make a difference.

To donate to support SETI@home, just go to the Donations page on our website at:

Also, if you haven't received it already, you will probably be getting a letter about this project in the mail. If you would prefer making a donation to support SETI@home through standard mail, please feel free to use the response envelope we've included with your letter.


Louis D. Friedman
Executive Director -The Planetary Society

P.S. When you donate on the Web through PayPal, your contribution is matched dollar for dollar by PayPal, and the amount of your donation to The Planetary Society will be doubled! So, when you visit our Donations Page (, whether you already have a PayPal account or not, just click on the PayPal button below and follow the instructions. Please be sure to include your address in the "Ship to" box.

Also, please feel free to forward this e-mail to your friends, family and colleagues!

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