NASA HEOMD Announcement of Opportunity - Research Operations and Integration (ROI) Deputy Element Scientist for Flight Analogs

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Monday, September 13, 2021


Research Operations and Integration (ROI) Deputy Element Scientist for Flight Analogs


Area of Consideration:

Open to all qualified US Citizens, permanent residents, or non-residents with a US “J” Visa 



NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Human Health & Performance Directorate

Space Medicine Operations Division



Two years beginning November 2021, with potential for extension.


Application Period:

September 13-27, 2021



The Research Operations and Integration (ROI) Deputy Element Scientist for Flight Analogs (FA) plays a crucial role in the development and successful conduct of human life sciences research sponsored by the Human Research Program (HRP). Incumbent will contribute to complex assignments involving scientific research activities that require planning, scheduling, conducting, and coordinating the end-results. The incumbent will be expected to use their highly successful management/scientific background to establish key interfaces with collaborating groups of scientists and medical personnel to expand current project goals. Specifically, the incumbent will help to lead development and provide scientific oversight of integrated human research campaigns across a variety of ground analogs for spaceflight conditions. These include analogs of the effects of isolation and confinement, extreme environments, and microgravity on the human body. 


·        Work closely with the FA Project Manager to plan and implement multi-system human studies consistent with HRP goals. Coordinate with the FA Project Manager to define HRP project deliverables and services.

·        Oversee concepts for various flight analogs as simulations for space flight conditions such as physiological effects due to microgravity exposure and psychological effects due to stress, isolation, and confinement. 

·        Work closely with the ROI Element Scientist, other HRP Element and discipline scientists, numerous intramural and extramural investigators, and contractor operations staff to develop integrated science protocols.

·        Assist with development of tactical plans for the utilization of flight analogs for HRP research and work with the ROI Element management team on strategic planning products and processes.

·        Provides Project direction for managing all scientific aspects of flight analog studies. Interfaces with the HRP science management team in support of study solicitation, selection, feasibility, and prioritization.

·        Oversees the campaign science planning, implementation and post-study activities. Evaluates campaign progress and issues.

·        Ensures compliance with all required Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and provides oversight of development of IRB submittals, procedures, and actions.

·        Prepares or provides oversight of complement packages for campaigns and may serve as the Principal Investigator. Develops and implements processes, products, or tools to facilitate successful processing of investigator protocols through the IRB. 

·        Interfaces with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP), National Science Foundation (NSF), and other provider organizations to provide planning guidance and support as well as problem resolution for campaign, study, or team conflicts and ensure reporting to the NASA IRB as appropriate.

·        Provides inputs and oversight for analog test subject selection based on integrated science objectives and requirements.

·        Provides input and status to ROI Element management regarding flight analogs status and risks and contributes to quarterly HRP reporting and PPBE.

·        Interfaces with Public Affairs Office to provide science commentary and input for media requests as well as tours of NASA analog facilities.



Specialized experience including the following:  1) the principles and practices of the life sciences as it relates to the wide-ranging effects of the spaceflight environment on human beings, current state of understanding of these effects, critical human health and safety issues, and the relative priority and potential impact of these issues; 2) human bioethics, human research methodology and best practices, medical privacy, applicable laws and NASA practices (Institutional Review Board); 3) International Space Station payloads processes and human flight research integration or flight analog environments such as bedrest and facilities that support isolation and confinement studies. An advanced degree in science is preferred.


To apply:

Please submit a Curriculum Vita, references, and cover letter explaining your qualifications in a single PDF file to


Note: Individuals eligible for an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) assignment with a federal agency include employees of state and local governments; private and public colleges and universities; Indian Tribal governments; federally funded research and development centers; and qualified non-profit organizations involved in public management organizations where such assignments would be of mutual benefit to the organizations involved. With special NASA flexibilities, the initial IPA appointment may be made for up to two years, with possible extensions for up to two additional two-year periods. An employee of a non-Federal organization must be employed by that organization for at least 90 days in a permanent position before entering into an IPA agreement. While on detail, the individual remains an employee of the home institution, as such remains covered under their permanent employer's leave and benefit system. Federal Agencies do not offer permanent positions as a part of IPA assignments. NASA will negotiate funding of the detailee’s salary and benefits with the detailee’s home institution.

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