Aqua Daily Report 1 Jun 2002

Status Report From: Goddard Space Flight Center
Posted: Saturday, June 1, 2002

May 31, 2002 1130 GMT – June 1, 2002 1130 GMT
(DOY 151:1130z – 152:1130z)

The following activities were completed:

  1. Completed the Thruster Characterization tests:
    • Performance of thrusters 3 & 4 agree well with predicts.
    • Thrusters 1 & 2 showed discrepancy in pitch & roll; attributed to plume effects.
    • GNC will model these effects into simulation, then generate new steady state K-parameters which will improve burn duty cycle and attitude/rate transients. FSW patch to be ready by 6/3.
    • GNC believes that CG, moment of inertia, and thruster alignments are nominal.
    • Results of Thruster Tests indicate that Aqua is GREEN to proceed with Ascent Plan.
  2. Closed the Iso-valve and turned off the catbed heaters.
  3. Uplinked the daily Master Command Loads and Ephemeris.
  4. Returned the AMSU and HSB instruments to scan mode.
  5. Moved the MODIS Space View Door (SVD) to the Open position.
  6. Returned the AIRS instrument’s scan mirror to rotating.

The following activities are scheduled for the next 24 hours:

  1. Perform CERES Fore Biax Scan Rate Tests, Parts 1-5.
  2. Uplink the daily Master Command Loads and Ephemeris.
  3. Return the CERES instruments to Crosstrack.

Aqua Spacecraft Status:

  1. Spacecraft State is currently Standby.
  2. GNC Mode is Fine Point Mode, HiFi Ephemeris.

Aqua Instrument Status:

  1. AIRS is in Decontaminate state, Quiet bus is ON, Noisy bus is ON, Cryocooler is OFF with the Decontaminate Heater ON, Scan mirror is ROTATING and earth shield is OPEN.
  2. AMSR-E is in Normal mode, rotating at 40 RPM.
  3. AMSU A1 is in Full Scan.
  4. AMSU A2 is in Full Scan.
  5. CERES Aft is in Standby mode and the covers are CLOSED.
  6. CERES Fore is in Standby mode and the covers are CLOSED.
  7. HSB is in Scan Normal.
  8. MODIS is in Standby mode, Nadir Door is Unlatched and CLOSED, Solar Diffuser Door is Unlatched and CLOSED, and the Space View Door is Unlatched and Open at the OUTGAS position. u͔09

Activities Deferred:

  1. None


  1. Currently employing an investigation procedure to gather data on the occurrence of AMSR-E SPS and SPC Error Flags.

// end //

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