MRPO Daily Status Report 10-03-02

Status Report From: Microgravity Research Program Office
Posted: Thursday, October 3, 2002

Calendar Date: 10/03/02

Increment: 5

Stage: UF2

Week 17

ISS Information:
The 9A Shuttle launch has been delayed until no earlier than Monday 10/7/02 due to hurricane LILI’S possible impact on the Mission Control Center (MCC) at JSC.

In an unprecedented move, the MCC has been shut down and evacuated. The ISS control functions have been transferred to the TSUP at Moscow. Payload data downlink and commanding are not available. Power availability onboard the ISS is very limited due to solar array pointing being manually controlled. Many ISS systems and payloads have been powered down to conserve energy.

MCC management hopes to begin restoring operation capability late tonight, assuming the passing of the storm makes that feasible. There are many computer systems to bring up and test so hopefully normal operations can be re-established sometime Friday.

Payloads being launched on 9A:
CGBA, PGBA, STES-7, Seed Culture (sortie), and ZCG Samples

Payloads being returned on 9A:
ADVASC, MEPS Samples, SAMS Hard Drive/Battery, Seed Culture (sortie), StelSys, STES-8, and ZCG Samples

Payloads currently on-board ISS:
ADVASC (HW), BSTC, InSPACE, MAMS, MEPS, MSG (facility), PFMI, SAMS, SUBSA and ZCG. InSpace was not planned to operate during this stage.

MRPO payloads ADVASC and STES 8 continue nominal, basically unattended, operations. MAMS and SAMS have been powered down to conserve energy. BSTC, MEPS, StelSys, SUBSA and ZCG operations have been successfully completed.

EXPRESS RACKS 1 and 2 (ER1 & ER2) have been powered down to conserve energy. ER4, which houses the payloads that require continuous power, remains powered. Very limited health and status data continues to be available during S-band acquisition of signal periods. ER3 is installed in the US Lab and will be checked out later. ER5 was checked out during Increment 4 and powered down.

ADVASC is in ER4 and remains powered. The payload has been configured for plant and seed dry-out for return on 9A. Deactivation will be delayed until after the 9A launch.

ARTIC 1, which contains the StelSys samples, and ARTIC 2, which contains ZCG samples, are in ER4 and remain powered.

MSG power was turned-off yesterday after completion of cool down of the PFMI sample processed Monday.

PFMI sample #4 operations were completed early yesterday and payload power was turned-off following cool down. Sample #4 remains in the thermal chamber and will be removed and stowed when the next sample is to be installed. Tentative plans are for PFMI sample #5 to be processed Sunday, 10/6, and sample #6 on Monday, 10/7.

STES-8 is in ER4 and remains powered. The four remaining activated growth chambers are to be deactivated after launch of 9A but before 9A docks with ISS.

Near-term Outlook:

Week 17 (9/30-10/6) - Planning for this week was based on approximately 12 hours of crew time availability for NASA payload operations. An additional PFMI run is now planned to be started Sunday, 10/6. The remaining MRPO payload activities planned for this week have been delayed pending launch of 9A.

Week 18 (10/7-10/13) – The plan for this week is being revised due to the 9A launch delay. An additional PFMI run (#6) is tentatively planned for Monday, 10/7, following removal of the sample from run #5.

M. Vlasse, PhD, DSc
MRPO Increment Scientist


ADVASC – Advanced Astroculture
ARIS--Active Rack Isolation System
ARTIC 1 – On-board Freezer
ARTIC 2 – On-board refrigerator
BCSS -- Biotechnology Cell Science Stowage
BSTC-- Biotechnology Specimen Temperature Controller (General status information on this payload will include coverage of the following items of support equipment: BTR, BCSS and GSM)
BTR -- Biotechnology Refrigerator
EVA – Extra-vehicular Activity
GSM -- Gas Supply Module
InSPACE– Investigating the Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates
ISS – International Space Station
MAMS -- Microgravity Acceleration Measurement System
MEPS – Microencapsulation Electrostatic Processing System
MSG – Microgravity Science Glovebox
PFMI – Pore Formation and Mobility Investigation
SAMS -- Space Acceleration Measurement System II
STES – Protein Crystal Growth - Single Thermal Enclosure System
SUBSA – Solidification Using a Baffle in Sealed Ampoules
ZCG – Zeolite Crystal Growth

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