Spaceline/NASA Space Life Science Current Awareness - 4 May 2001

Status Report From: Spaceline
Posted: Friday, May 4, 2001

Convertino VA, Sather TM.
Effects of cholinergic and beta-adrenergic blockade on orthostatic tolerance in
healthy subjects.
Clin Auton Res. 2000 Dec;10(6):327-36.
(PI: V.A. Convertino)

Tsujino H, Jones M, Shiota T, Qin JX, Greenberg NL, Cardon LA, Morehead AJ,
Zetts AD, Travaglini A, Bauer F, Panza JA, Thomas JD.
Real-time three-dimensional color doppler echocardiography for characterizing
the spatial velocity distribution and quantifying the peak flow rate in the left
ventricular outflow tract.
Ultrasound Med Biol. 2001 Jan;27(1):69-74.
(PI: J.D. Thomas)

Gilroy S, Trewavas A.
Signal processing and transduction in plant cells: the end of the beginning?
Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2001 Apr;2(4):307-14. Review.
(PI: S. Gilroy)

Jones SM, Jones TA, Bell PL, Taylor MJ.
Compound gravity receptor polarization vectors evidenced by linear vestibular
evoked potentials.
Hearing Res. 2001 Apr;154(1-2):54-61.
(PI: T.A. Jones)

Smith SA, Querry RG, Fadel PJ, Weiss MW, Olivencia-Yuivati A, Shi XR,
Raven PB.
Comparison of aortic and carotid baroreflex stimulus-response characteristics
in humans.
Auton Neurol. 12 Apr 2001;88(1-2):74-85.
(PI: P.B. Raven)

Rice L, Ruiz W, Driscoll T, Whitley CE, Tapia R, Hachey DL, Gonzales GF,
Alfrey CP.
Neocytolysis on descent from altitude: a newly recognized mechanism for the
control of red cell mass.
Ann Intern Med. 2001 Apr 17;134(8):652-6.
(PI: C.P. Alfrey)

Kern VD, Smith JD, Schwuchow JM, Sack FD.
Amyloplasts that sediment in protonemata of the moss Ceratodon purpureus are
nonrandomly distributed in microgravity.
Plant Physiol. 2001 Apr;125(4):2085-94.
(PI: F.D. Sack)

Fitzelle KJ, Kiss JZ.
Restoration of gravitropic sensitivity in starch-deficient mutants of
Arabidopsis by hypergravity.
J Exp Bot. 2001 Feb;52(355):265-75.
(PI: J.Z. Kiss)

Nicogossian AE, Pober DF, Roy SA.
Evolution of telemedicine in the space program and earth applications.
Telemed J E Health. 2001 Spring;7(1):1-15.

Cyranoski D.
Satellite will probe mutating seeds in space [news].
Nature. 2001 Apr 19;410(6831): 857.

Falck J, Mailand N, Syljuasen, Bartek J, Lukas J.
The ATM-Chk2-Cdc25A checkpoint pathway guards against radioresistant DNA
synthesis [letter].
Nature. 2001 Apr 12;410(6830): 842-7.

Dabos KJ, Nelson LJ, Bradnock TJ, Parkinson JA, Sadler IH, Hayes PC, Plevris
The simulated microgravity environment maintains key metabolic functions and
promotes aggregation of primary porcine hepatocytes.
Biochim Biophys Acta. 2001 May 3;1526(2):119-30.

Maccarrone M, Bari M, Battista N, Finazzi-Agro A.
The catalytic efficiency of soybean lipoxygenase-1 is enhanced at low gravity.
Biophys Chem. 2001 Mar 15;90(1):97-101.

Millet C, Custaud MA, Maillet A, Allevard AM, Duvareille M, Gauquelin-Koch G,
Gharib C, Fortrat JO.
Endocrine responses to 7 days of head-down bed rest and orthostatic tests in men
and women.
Clin Physiol. 2001 Mar;21(2):172-183.

Sugiyama T, Kawai S.
The use of vitamin K may be a good choice for microgravity-induced bone
disorder [letter].
J Bone Miner Res. 2001 Apr;16(4):794-5.

Amblard B, Assaiante C, Vaugoyeau M, Baroni G, Ferrigno G, Pedotti A.
Voluntary head stabilisation in space during oscillatory trunk movements in the
frontal plane performed before, during and after a prolonged period of
Exp Brain Res. 2001 Mar;137(2):170-9.

Zorbas YG, Kakurin VJ, Afonin VB, Charapakhin KP, Denogradov SD.
Potassium supplements' effect on potassium balance in athletes during prolonged
hypokinetic and ambulatory conditions.
Biol Trace Elem Res. 2000 Winter;78(1-3):93-112.

Baldwin SP, Saltzman WM.
Aggregation enhances catecholamine secretion in cultured cells.
Tissue Eng. 2001 Apr;7(2):179-90.

Watson GE, Pocock DA, Papworth D, Lorimore SA, Wright EG.
In vivo chromosomal instability and transmissible aberrations in the progeny of
haemopoietic stem cells induced by high- and low-LET radiations.
Int J Radiat Biol. 2001 Apr;77(4):409-17.

Braun M.
Association of spectrin-like proteins with the actin-organized aggregate of
endoplasmic reticulum in the spitzenkorper of gravitropically tip-growing plant
Plant Physiol. 2001 Apr;125(4):1611-9.

Anken RH, Ibsch M, Breuer J, Rahmann H.
Effect of hypergravity on the Ca/Sr composition of developing otoliths of larval
cichlid fish (Oreochromis mossambicus).
Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol. 2001 Feb;128(2):369-77.

Peusner KD.
Development of the gravity sensing system.
J Neurosci Res. 2001 Jan 15;63(2):103-8. Review.

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