Columbia Impact: Groundrules and Assumptions (Internal ISS program)

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Source: ISS Monthly Program Review, Vol. 131, 11 April 2003, Page 5

All program metrics are being measured against these groundrules and assumptions as of 4/01/03. The Plans below are for planning purposes within the ISSP only - As they are modified, this page will be changed accordingly.

  • Make no significant changes in ISS implementation (at least not until flight date is known)
    • Hold schedule for active development tasks (avoid deferral penalty)
    • Reevaluate new development and new spares planning
    • Reevaluate planned manpower reductions for sustaining/operational areas

  • Station will resume flight rate upon launch of ULF 1
  • Station will remain manned (2 - 3 crew during delay, 3 crew after) and will perform critical EVAs
    • Assume SSCB recommended Progress flight schedule: one additional Progress vehicle in FY03 and one additional Progress vehicle in FY04

  • Use the planning dates below for metric reporting

Launch Date From:
Launch Date To:
FlightBaselineInterim PlanningNASA Planning
ULF13/1/03NET 7/21/03NET 7/21/03
12A5/23/03NET 8/1/03NET 8/21/03
12A.17/24/03NET 8/28/03NET 12/18/03
13A10/2/0310/2/03NET 1/22/04
13A.111/13/03NET 1/14/04NET 5/6/04
15A1/15/041/15/04NET 6/10/04
10A2/19/042/19/04NET 9/23/04
ULF27/29/047/29/04To Be Reviewed

Soyuz/Progress Near-Term Dates

Orbiter From:Orbiter To:
13A.1OV-102 (TBD)
10AOV-105 (TBD)

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