NASA B-757 deployment to Reno Cancelled

Status Report From: Langley Research Center
Posted: Monday, June 23, 2003


Subject: FW: B-757 deployment to Reno sched for 25-Jun to 21-Jul

Good Morning,

You may receive this email from several folks. If so, please disregard the duplication. I just wanted to make sure that everyone on the deployment list received this. As Doug mentioned in the email below, all hotel rooms and rental car reservations at Reno have been cancelled, as have conference rooms, the FBO, the Airport Authority, etc. No individual credit card numbers were forwarded to the hotel prior to the stand down, so no one has to be concerned about receiving a bill for cancellation. If anyone has purchased airline tickets for their families to join them during some part of the deployment, now is the time to cancel those reservations.

I realize the disappointment everyone feels after having worked so hard to make this flight test deployment a reality, but safety comes first and foremost. I think we all appreciate that and sign up to that. Now we need to start thinking about moving on, about re-doing, re-scheduling, re-thinking, etc. Let's learn from what has transpired these past few weeks and work together to improve the future of flight and flight test research here at Langley and to ensure the safety of our people and our resources. This may have been one step back for us, but let's look ahead to the many steps forward we will have the opportunity to make. We're a great team - let's make lemonade out of this lemon!

We'll start to address more "recovery plans" soon. In the meantime, please start thinking about some options - I'll send another email out soon with some of my ideas to help trigger some thought processes.



Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 17:44:46 -0400
From: Doug Arbuckle
Subject: B-757 deployment to Reno sched for 25-Jun to 21-Jul
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 17:44:57 -0400 (EST)

Based on the current Return-To-Flight plan from the Center flight operations stand-down that was initiated on the evening of 27-May-03, the B-757 deployment planned for Reno, NV from 25-Jun-03 to 21-Jul-03 has been cancelled.

At this time, the possibility remains that this deployment might be rescheduled for a future date in 2003. However, no decision has been made, nor is expected for several weeks at least.

All hotel rooms and rental cars have been released, and other logistical arrangements supporting the planned deployment are in the process of being cancelled.

The AirSC office will initiate the cancellation of all CS employee travel orders for this deployment.

Questions should be addressed to Luci Crittenden (Head, OELO), Brent Weathered (Acting Aviation Manager), the AirSC office, or the AvSSPO as appropriate.

The above information may be disseminated to parties in need of the information.

Doug Arbuckle
Director, AirSC

// end //

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