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    ISS Elements: Docking Compartment-1 (DC-1) - "Pirs"

    DC-1 Module (enlarge)

    DC-1 and CVM Progress M-CO1 spacecraft (enlarge)

    ISS-4R delivered Docking Compartment 1 (DC-1 - also known as "Pirs") the Strela Boom, and an Orlan spacesuit to the International Space Station aboard an unmanned Soyuz rocket.

    The launch configuration was a modified Progress spacecraft (Progress M-CO1) which consists of the Docking Compartment attached to a Cargo Vehicle Module (CVM).

    Progress M-CO1 docked with the forward Nadir (Earth-facing) docking port of the Service Module ("Zvezda ").

    Once the Cargo Vehicle Module stage has been detached, Docking Compartment 1 provides an additional egress and ingress location for Russian segment-based space walks.

    The Docking Compartment also provides an additional Soyuz and Progress docking port. Prior to the arrival of the Docking Compartment, Soyuz and Progress Spacecraft could only dock with either the aft axial docking port of the Service Module or the Nadir docking port of the FGB.

    This added capability will allow a Progress spacecraft to remain docked to the ISS when a new Soyuz arrives to replace an older Soyuz. Prior to the arrival of the Docking Compartment, any Progress spacecraft currently docked to the ISS had to be undocked to allow the arriving Soyuz to dock.

  • 20 September 2001: Tour of the Pirs Module (Russian Docking Compartment-1, DC1) , SpaceRef.TV (Real Player required)

  • 17 September 2001: Russian Docking Compartment-1 Docking with ISS, SpaceRef.TV (Real Player required)

  • 17 September 2001: WDC SI launch announcement 13187: Progress DC-1

  • 16 September 2001: Photo Report: Mission Control Center in Moscow During Docking Compartment-1 Docking to ISS, RSC Energia

  • 15 September 2001: Progress M-CO1 Vehicle Launched to the ISS, RSC Energia

  • 15 September 2001: 1662nd successful launch of Soyuz, Starsem

  • 28 August 2001: Docking Compartment 1 (4R)Joint Flight Prelaunch Assessment Review, NASA JSC [2.4 MB Powerpoint]

  • 16 August 2001: Photo Report: The Progress M-C01 spacecraft being placed into the pressure chamber, RSC Energia

  • 18 July 2001:Docking Compartment DC1 Processing at RSC Energia, Moscow Photo Report

  • 13 June 2001: Photo Report: The integrated testing of the Progress M-CO1 Spacecraft, RSC Energia

    Docking Compartment -1 (enlarge)

    DC-1 and CVM Progress M-CO1 spacecraft (enlarge)

    Watch Docking Video
    Real Player Required

    DC-1 Logo (enlarge)

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