NASA Denies Making Orion Water Landing Decision - and Deleting Touchdowns on Land


Editor's note: There are some reports and rumors circulating that NASA has decided to redesign the Orion spacecraft to land in water only - and not on land with airbags.

According to a short statement from NASA PAO to - one corroborated with ESMD Deputy AA Doug Cooke): "NASA has not abandoned the concept of land re-entries. The decision has not been made."

When contacted for comment on these rumors and reports, and asked "Has NASA deleted the requirement that Orion make routine landings on land instead of in the ocean? Has NASA directed Lockheed Martin to make these changes in the design of Orion?" ESMD AA Scott Horowitz told "No. Still being studied, currently part of the trades to see what effects each requirement (including land landing nominally) has on weight."

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