NASA Continues to Grapple With Ares 1 Vibration Issues


Sources at NASA rpeort that NASA Ares manager Steve Cook is trying to get a new job (and get out of his current one).

Meanwhile, some of you may remember the "Tiger Team" that was assembled to examine Ares 1 vibration issues. Well, sources report that this Tiger Team has been quietly disbanded and its activities have been rolled up into overall project activities. As such, there is no Tiger Team report due for release in March - because there is no Tiger Team to issue it.

But there is an internal "Core Team" that now seems to be working toward a presentation of sorts on 9 May 2008.

NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate Responds to Ares 1 and Orion Questions

"Q: Is a tiger team or working group working to report back to Ares and/ or Constellation program managers on these Ares I vibration and oscillation issues? Is this tiger team due to report its findings in March 2008? If not March 2008, when are these results due to be reported and to whom will these results be reported?

A: All "at risk" items are being defined (including structural, performance, and human risk items), and a resolution matrix is being established. The goal is to have risks defined and quantified and a mitigation path determined by March 2008."

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