Catherine Cesarsky and IAU Snobbery With Regard to Pluto's Designation


"Plutoids": the new name for Pluto-like dwarf planets, PhysicsWorld

"Catherine Cesarsky, president of the IAU, dismisses such past protests. "They form a very small part of the astronomy community," she told She added that "practically nobody" is now trying to get Pluto reclassified as a planet. ... Cesarsky admits that she has not yet heard the response from the astronomy committee for the rebranding. "I don't think there will be a big [reaction]," she says. "A few people make a lot of noise."

Editor's note: OK, perhaps Catherine needs some feedback on all of this from the 99.999% of humanity who had no say in all of this - people who are now being told that what they learned in school is now wrong - based upon esoteric, and hard to understand reasons. Well, you can tell her what you think. You can email her at or call her at +33 1 69 08 82 3. You can also contact the IAU directly at

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