NASA Image of Space Shuttle Columbia Debris Recently Found

A piece of Space Shuttle Columbia, now identified as being Window No. 8 was recently found in Angelina County, Texas.  The piece of debris is approximately 76 inches long and 30 inches wide. Window No. 8 is one of two windows located on the top of the shuttle, directly over the crew. Window No. 8 is on the left side.

Last week NASA and United Space Alliance personnel - and technichians from Weston Pyrotechnic - reviewed what pyrotechnic devices may still be attached to this portion of Columbia.  Retrieval and packaging procedures have been established and a schedule for the retrieval of this object and shippig from Lufkin, Texas to NASA Johnson Space Center was developed. In addition, a plan was a to scout the area for any more debris was also developed.

Photo source: internal NASA photo

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