Dittmar Associates Releases The Market Study for Space Exploration

Press Release From: Dittmar Associates
Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Market Study for Space Exploration is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of American views, attitudes and feelings toward NASA and particularly the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE). Dittmar Associates conducted extensive interviews with participants nationwide to better understand American attitudes toward the space program, and to explore differing views and perspectives among various demographic segments of the population. The Market Study presents specific, valuable information on market strengths, stratification, weaknesses and "soft spots" requiring the attention of advocacy, government, and business groups interested in promoting the VSE. Some of the results include:

  • Endorsement of the space program in general is very strong, with 69% of Americans voicing their support.
  • Interest and excitement about the Vision for Space Exploration is strong for near-term aspects of the plan (65% of Americans responded positively) and for returning to the Moon. This is not true for plans to send humans to Mars, which is seen as involving much more risk (only 18% of Americans responded positively).
  • Out of 5 options, Americans ranked "International participation and cost-sharing" as their #1 choice for funding the Vision -- with certain conditions.
  • There are large and significant differences in the degree of enthusiasm about the plan on the basis of sex, ethnic groups, age, and other variables.
  • Americans understand and appreciate the benefits of the space program ("spin-offs," science, and the impact of space-based technology developments to daily lives).
  • Americans believe that much more can be done to promote NASA and its goals.

Drawing from over 1000 interviews, more than 60 pages in length and containing more than two dozen tables and graphs, the report does much more than simply categorize the respondents -- it provides insight into the concerns, ideas, motivations, and desires of the American public as it considers the issues associated with a long-term plan for space exploration and human space flight. The Table of Contents and an Abridged Summary are available for free download on the Dittmar Associates website at , where the complete Market Survey may be purchased.

Dittmar Associates is a Small Woman-Owned Business in Seabrook, Texas, specializing in market research, training, business development, and R&D. The owner, Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar, has been designing, implementing and publishing research in professional and scientific journals across a broad array of topics for 25 years and leads an expert team of researchers, trainers, business consultants, and engineers. Dittmar Associates provides business and technical expertise tailored to the needs of each client, and leverages academic and business partnerships to bring the "best of the best" to its customers.

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