ISS Panel Report, Integrated Space Operations Summit

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Monday, April 4, 2005


ISS Panel Report, Integrated Space Operations Summit
March 30, 2005
Robert D. Cabana, ISS Panel Chair

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-- Excerpts --


  • Based on current requirements, the cargo vehicle flight rate after Shuttle retirement does not meet the projected re-supply and return needs of ISS
  • - Requirements are being reviewed on a continual basis

    • Exploration requirements are scheduled to be defined in the Spring of 2005
    • When released, impact to manifest will be evaluated

  • Requirement reductions alone will not eliminate the transportation shortfall; additional transportation capabilities will be required


  • With retirement of the Shuttle, the ISS faces a transportation shortfall based on current requirements
    • The ISS Program should continue to pursue cost effective means to reduce the maintenance/logistics requirements for ISS
    • Science requirements for the ISS are being evaluated based on the Vision for Space Exploration and the restricted transportation capabilities

  • The ISS Program should continue to pursue alternate means to deliver cargo to and from the ISS
    • Incorporating all reasonable projections of reductions of transportation requirements still leaves a shortfall

  • Exploration systems should pursue the use of the ISS as an engineering/science test bed to develop and prove the systems and crew health measures required for exploration beyond low Earth orbit

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