NASA Set To Approve New Unpressurized Logistics Carrier for Space Shuttle Fleet

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Editor's note: Editor's note: The enclosed CR pitch was presented for Full/Final implementation at Today's PICB at JSC. NASA is set to approve development of 5 new unpressurized payload carriers for the Space Shuttle fleet at a total cost of $120 million.

"What are the consequences of not implementing this change?

The ISSP will not be able to launch and resupply enough unpressurized cargo (including critical spares) to the ISS before Shuttle retirement which could result in an inability to meet ISS functionality requirements through 2015

What is the problem/issue?

The demand to launch and stow unpressurized cargo exists and has significantly increased due to Shuttle retirement. Current carrier fleet does not have the volume or mass efficiency required to launch and stow enough cargo to maintain the ISS through 2015. The more carriers in the cargo bay, the more integration hardware (mass overhead), the less usable cargo. Current carrier fleet does not have the capability to meet payload requirements."

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