CosmoCam Flight Completed

Status Report From: Louisiana State University
Posted: Thursday, September 6, 2007


CosmoCam recently flew on a NASA strato-balloon. The payload is the High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) out of Louisiana State University. The flight was launched from Ft. Sumner, New Mexico).

HASP Flight #2 has ended. It will take a few days to get the flight video posted (lots of video!).

The live video (and controls) and archived video are online at

CosmoCam is an internet interactive video camera system designed for use onboard satellites and stratospheric balloon missions. CosmoCam is being developed as a private initiative through a collaboration between Rocket Science, Inc. and NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center's Exploration of the Universe Division. Cosmocam is being offered as a tool for both inflight monitoring of satellite structure deployment as well as the enlightenment of students and others who are outside the professional scientific community.      

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