STS-112 External Tank Shuttle Observation Camera Briefing

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2002

ET Shuttle Observation Camera STS-112 PAR


Action assigned to JSC to evaluate potential locations for a Space Shuttle Vehicle Observation Camera

ET stand-alone camera located on the ET Cable Tray was recommended and approved

System Functional Description

- Camera system is designed to function independently of other Shuttle systems and provide real-time video of Shuttle launch through ET separation

- Activated during T-9 minute hold - Provides continuous Pre-launch and flight video (See page 4 for view)

  • SSV leaving pad
  • SRB separation
  • ET/Orb separation

Camera system function considered non-critical

  • - Camera system is a data gathering device
  • - No flight control function performed

ET Shuttle Observation Camera STS-112 PAR

ET Shuttle Observation Camera STS-112 PAR

ET Shuttle Observation Camera STS-112 PAR

Safety Analysis Report (SAR)/Critical Items List (CIL) Summary - SAR performed to identify potential safety hazards associated with the ET Camera System
  • Considering the strong controls and verifications in place, the overall likelihood of occurrence of a catastrophic hazard remains "improbable", and all hazard causes are 'Controlled'
  • All identified hazards have been found to be controlled by design, specification, tests and/or inspections and all safety issues are closed
  • Shuttle Safety Review Panel (SSRP) SAR review completed 3/2000 - No Issues
- Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Critical Items List (CIL) updated to identify
  • Criticality 1 failure modes and document retention rationale associated with the ET Camera System
  • - Criticality 1 ET Camera Components
  • -- Antenna ( (303 Stainless Steel)
  • -- Camera Fairing ( ( Al 2219)
  • - Criticality 1 Failure modes of the new CILs are structural failure and effects are due to debris potential to the Orbiter
  • - CIL Retention Rationale presented to the SSRP 5/2002 and PRCB 6/2002 - No Issues

ET Shuttle Observation Camera STS-112 PAR

Flight Hardware Certification Summary


Camera System Hardware Qualification Testing complete - No issues

  • -- System EMI Testing
  • -- Fairing, Antenna and Electronics Box vibration
  • -- RF and corona testing
  • -- Electronics Box proof and explosive environments testing

Camera System Hardware Acceptance Testing complete - No issues

  • -- Functional verification of components
  • -- Electronics box vibration and thermal cycling
  • -- Antenna pattern verification
  • -- Camera and electronics burn-in

Camera System Functional Testing at MAF complete - No Issues

  • -- Battery charge, camera function, transmitter function, dedfacing

ET Shuttle Observation Camera STS-112 PAR

Flight Hardware Certification Summary (continued)

- Analysis -- Stress Analysis on system components complete - No issues
  • --- Factor of safety greater than 2.0 for all new hardware
  • --- Incorporates Aerodynamic and Delta Atmospheric Pressure Loading, Random Vibration Effects, and
-- Thermally Induced Stresses -- Thermal Analysis on Components Complete - No Issues
  • ---Temperatures were within acceptable limits and were incorporated into stress analysis


  • - All work performed by certified technicians
  • -- Non-standard work validated at MAF and demonstrated at KSC
  • - System installation verified by Government Mandatory quality inspections

Certificate of Qualification approved (Reference COQ MMC-ET-TM06-127)

ET Shuttle Observation Camera STS-112 PAR

Rationale for Flight

- Camera system design fully qualified by test and analysis
  • -- Acceptance testing successfully performed
  • -- Functional test showed nominal performance
  • ---Integrated functional tests planned after STS-112 rollout
  • -- Stress Analysis ensures greater than 2.0 FS
  • -- Thermal analysis ensures temperature within acceptable limits
- Camera system installation verified by demonstration and inspection
  • -- Installation performed by certified technicians with validated and demonstrated processes
  • -- Camera system inspection performed during and after installation

S&MA Recommendation

- STS-112/ET-115 Shuttle Observation Camera is safe to fly

// end //

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